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Re: Theos-World Status of Indigenous Australians

Nov 16, 2002 05:58 PM
by adelasie

Hi M. Sufilight,

I seriously think that if each one of us tried honestly to put into 
practice the principle teachings of Theosophy (or any great spiritual 
tradition in history) in our daily lives, everything would change 

> Let us make a non-voilence movement - driven by the words of RELIGION
> ! I can see that NO --- non-voilence movement are as well known as for
> instance the Amnesty International is today.

What if we chose daily to find what is good in others, instead of 
pointing out what is wrong? What if we accepted others as they are, 
instead of expecting them to be different? What if we just refused to 
fight and argue? What if we put our own needs and desires second to 
those of others? Wouldn't we be a non-violence movement in ourselves? 
If we take seriously the teachings about the unity of all life, we 
realize that everything we do affects the whole. What we do may seem 
like a little thing, but the Master teaches us that there are no 
little things. 


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