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to adelasie - changing the world

Nov 16, 2002 06:38 PM
by Mic Forster

Dear Adelasie,

I have been reading with much pleasure your approach
to "influencing" others and "changing the world". It
is all very well to have the idealism to form some
kind of reactionary/revolutionary group that goes out
and changes everything in a breif period of time, but
we know that this rarely succeeds. By changing the way
those closest to us (ie family, friends, neighbours,
work mates etc) think and act we could probably have a
greater impact on humanity. If you think about it it
is like seven degrees of seperation: if enough of us
can influence just one person, and that person can in
turn influence another, then eventually the entire
world will be influenced. 

The process can be quickened if we use media mediums
properly and advantageously. For example, I can
influence my family directly but this will only amount
to 30 people at the most. On the other hand I can
influence my Theos-Talk "family" which has about 170
members and can get my message across to more people.
Fortunately, such a theory is supported by recent
advances in complexity science and how information is
passed through a system.

Now let's go back to our media mediums. Would you
agree that the modern media is supporting the
intrenched capitalist system? By this I mean that the
media, by and large, is generally in support of a
capitalist system that at the end of the day promotes
selfishness over altruism. Now if this media is
influencing enough people the system is
self-supportive and has a feedback whereby people
believe that a capitalist system is the best, and
only, economic system solely because it is purported
to be so. Now would you agree that if the media were
more altruistically tuned and encouraged us to help
those in need there would be more altruism in the
world? If so, then one way we could align people's
behaviours with those advocated by theosophy and other
religions would be to penetrate the media.

Curiously pondering,

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