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Re: Theos-World Status of Indigenous Australians

Nov 15, 2002 07:39 PM
by Steve Stubbs

--- In theos-talk@y..., "Bill Meredith" <bilmer@s...> wrote:
> No you don't need an airline ticket, just listen to Steve and ask
> yourself what kind of government could love Steve, and in fact take 
care of
> him if he is unable to take care of himself, just so he can 
continue to be
> who he is.

Hi, Bill:

I don't have a clue as to what that statement means. I don't believe 
anyone "loves" any of us, and if we end up a ward of the state, the 
government won't take care of us just so we can continue to be who we 
are. They will keep us in something slightly better than a 
vegetative state until the Grim Reaper comes and gets us. I have 
visited those places and could not wait to get out. Fortunately, the 
medicare system is starting to rate nursing homes, but I don't know 
how advanced a state that effort is in. It will be interesting to 
see how much more highly rated are institutions for the ruling elite 
than for the elderly poor who got ripped off by the investment 

Iraq is an Arab country, and Scott Ritter publicly made some rather 
frank comments about George Bush while he was there. Saddam did not 
put him in jail to my knowledge.

If Oil War II does not end quickly and leaves a lot of teenagers from 
Iowa dying in convulsions from inhaling Sarin the jingoism in this 
country will last about as long as a puff of hair spray. Bear in 
mind the last urban combat our forces engaged in was in Mogaadishu, 
and Aidid did not have nerve gases. If Bush starts an avoidable war 
he is taking one hell of a political chance, and may well end the 
Bush dynasty. You know of course that they are now saying after 
eight years of George we will have to put up with eight years of Jeb 
and then presumably work our way down the list until we get to 
Silverado Neil. If he trips in the sand that may not happen. Groegr 
says he does not care about the folks who will be grabbing those oil 
wells for him. No Yalies there, after all. But if he thinks nobody 
else cares he may be in for a very big surprise.

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