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Nov 14, 2002 11:47 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>Even 99.99% of the Nazi's during WWII would never want to kill any
>Jews, and the 00,01% who did, didn't feel they where "racist" (read
>Eichmans Diary's !) they merely wanted to "help humanity !"

Eichmann was a Jew for himself, as his name alone shows. Eichmann's "diary"
was produced in prison under pressure, not by free will.
If YOU would be in prison and forced to write into your diary that HPB was
the most outstanding person and the holiest one you ever heard of, no one
would take it serious.

All the leading authorities in Nazi Germany who managed and worked out the
Havaara (emigration) treaty between Germany and the World Jewish Congress
were Jews and not Aryans. Gestapo chief Heydrich was also a Jew, his father
being a famous opera musician. To cover up this background the lexicon
entries were changed in the Third Reich. Take a photograph of Heydrich and
look into his face.
The Jews for themselves, or to take your picture, the 00,01% of the Jews
(and/or Jesuits, depending whether you prefer the higher degrees), who
announced 3 World Wars against Germany, didn't feel they were racist, too.
250,000 fleeing women and children died in one night in Dresden, a refuge
city for the East Germans from Prussia and Silesia were the Red Army
produced a holocaust on millions on women. BTW, in and near Dresden was no
military target.
Groudn zero for Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and all major
cities. After war, after 1945 15 million Germans were expulsed from East
Germany, seven millions died on their stampede (it was well known what the
Boshevist Commisairs - most of them Jews - did with their own population -
including Jews!) - no Boshevist, no Jew, no bomber Harris felt he was a
After 1945-48 American terror on the Rhine meadows, were over 1 million
German soldiers died. No Roosevelt, no Truman felt as racist.
In "peace" after 1945 more Germans died from Bolshevist-Capitalist Allied
terror then during the war! The destruction of the Gemran people was the
biggest holocaust that has happened so far in historical times, although
often concealed! And it was a real one! No documents need to be faked! No
false "eye-witness" reports needed!
And all for the world-wide oligarchy which believes in the Genesis story and
wants to enslave the world and erect a monopoly of all treasures of the
soil, declaring war against any nation who wants to take their treasures of
the soil for themselves and not handing out to the Chosen people.
It was no other then Henry Kissinger who made this Zionist plan of the
Protocols the official US government policy since the 1960's!
How many million of innocent people died since 1897 in Russia, Siberia,
Germany, Asia, Africa, South America, Near East for the unstoppable thirst
of the Chosen people? Did they ever felt as racists?
Why is the TS mentioned in the Zionist protocols?
And why the TS was destroyed from within? By whom? And why?

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