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Re: Theos-World Alice Bailey didn't knowingly copy from other books.

Nov 13, 2002 05:49 PM
by samblo

Thanks so much for your humorous parody on the reading skills and 
illogic's of "scholarship" at large as posted to this group, it affords 
opportunity for
many refreshing chuckles, at least to this reader.

As to my own experience in exposure to H.P.B.s authored works as well 
as many
other works of Theosophy I simply find it impossible to reach conclusions 
such as 
you present. As others have posted here that "Synthesis" is openly and 
stated not just on the Title Pages but throughout as a guiding thread for 
the reader,
how one comes to the conclusion that there was any semblance of covert 
from the reading public is simply false. As a matter of fact the 
statement that her 
works were a "Synthesis" lit up my personal lights and resulted in 
energizing my 
inclination for further inquiry.

As to the making use of contents from the common "Heritage of Mankind" 
in the historical works of all peer authors from the "Ageless Wisdom" as 
through the serial minds of the thousands of "Thinkers" in all Cultures, 
Races, and 
Branches of Humanities Intuitive Inquiries. Never in my reading have I 
seen the 
assignment that predicates and monitors all the presentations of H.P.B. to 
and by
and solely from the Atlantians, and if it had I would have rejected it 
for the reason
that though I had read with interest the works once very popular on 
Atlantis and MU
only to find out later that the author was a closet Mason force forming 
history to a 
Biased Tradition his group held. Sorry, Atlantis I believe is not a 
significant motivator
providing the ergos to myself and I surmise, many others.

As to "Aryan," I have posted before my view of the significance of the 
term, one need 
see the "White" background of this e-mail and reflect on the very 
substrate of Space
itself, and doing that contemplate the common "Home" where Brotherhood is 
when Consciousness can enter. Sorry "Race" is such a tawdry, 
unconscious overt motivator, even when proposed for covertly held goals 
and as a
mans to an end."

Patanjali had it so right! Better to know the solitary common universal 
of all mankind--this waking dualist consciousness. And having cognition, 
seeing it's rational and logic's in all it's activities recognizing it 
then as the solitary
originator of distinctions regard "Race",one knows the "Father of Lies" 
for itself.

At "Home" without attribute there can be found no "Race", nor a Body to 


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