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Re: Theos-World Alice Bailey didn't knowingly copy from other books.

Nov 13, 2002 05:57 PM
by netemara888

I was going to say how reading about Blavatsky exploits and writings 
and nerve, just cracks me up. She is the most comical thing I have 
ever seen or read. I never tire of her works. Just when I think I 
have read everything I find a new gem that makes me laugh until my 
head hurts. Just thought of the leg episode....

Anyway, as for race, it's like 'when in Rome...' it is merely a tool 
to help classify and help others to understand themselves, their 
talents, interests, and shortcomings. It was never meant to be a 
deterent to leave anyone behind. I think races take turns sleeping, 
like the sleeping giant metaphor. That's all, nothing more.



--- In theos-talk@y..., samblo@c... wrote:
> Brian,
> Thanks so much for your humorous parody on the reading 
skills and 
> inductive
> illogic's of "scholarship" at large as posted to this group, it 
> opportunity for
> many refreshing chuckles, at least to this reader.
> As to my own experience in exposure to H.P.B.s authored works 
as well 
> as many
> other works of Theosophy I simply find it impossible to reach 
> such as 
> you present. As others have posted here that "Synthesis" is 
openly and 
> prominently
> stated not just on the Title Pages but throughout as a guiding 
thread for 
> the reader,
> how one comes to the conclusion that there was any semblance of 
> withholding
> from the reading public is simply false. As a matter of fact 
> statement that her 
> works were a "Synthesis" lit up my personal lights and resulted 
> energizing my 
> inclination for further inquiry.
> As to the making use of contents from the common "Heritage of 
> found
> in the historical works of all peer authors from the "Ageless 
Wisdom" as 
> transduced
> through the serial minds of the thousands of "Thinkers" in all 
> Races, and 
> Branches of Humanities Intuitive Inquiries. Never in my reading 
have I 
> seen the 
> assignment that predicates and monitors all the presentations of 
H.P.B. to 
> and by
> and solely from the Atlantians, and if it had I would have 
rejected it 
> for the reason
> that though I had read with interest the works once very 
popular on 
> Atlantis and MU
> only to find out later that the author was a closet Mason force 
> history to a 
> Biased Tradition his group held. Sorry, Atlantis I believe is 
not a 
> significant motivator
> providing the ergos to myself and I surmise, many others.
> As to "Aryan," I have posted before my view of the significance 
of the 
> term, one need 
> see the "White" background of this e-mail and reflect on the 
> substrate of Space
> itself, and doing that contemplate the common "Home" where 
Brotherhood is 
> found
> when Consciousness can enter. Sorry "Race" is such a tawdry, 
> cheap,disingenious,
> unconscious overt motivator, even when proposed for covertly 
held goals 
> and as a
> mans to an end."
> Patanjali had it so right! Better to know the solitary common 
> denominator
> of all mankind--this waking dualist consciousness. And having 
> watched,
> seeing it's rational and logic's in all it's activities 
recognizing it 
> then as the solitary
> originator of distinctions regard "Race",one knows the "Father 
of Lies" 
> for itself.
> At "Home" without attribute there can be found no "Race", nor a 
Body to 
> attack.
> John

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