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Re: A Statement by Tillett--the usual suspects

Nov 13, 2002 05:35 PM
by netemara888

--- In theos-talk@y..., "Daniel H. Caldwell" <comments@b...> wrote:
> Gregory Tillett wrote:
> "Given that Leadbeater was obviously a pathological liar, nothing
> can be taken on his word alone."
> Steve Stubbs commented on Tillett's statement:
> "Absolutely true, and thanks for saying ir. It is genuinely 
> embarrassing that the Adyar TS extols this character to the cost of 
> HPB."
> But I wonder if Tillett is of the opinion that HPB was ALSO "a 
> pathological liar"? If that is true, the Adyar TS might not 
> want to "promote" ("extol"?!) HPB either!
> I get the impression from reading material by K. Paul Johnson and 
> Brigitte Muehlegger that they believe HPB was "a pathological liar."
> OBTW, Steve, I am assuming that you do NOT consider HPB "a 
> pathological liar." Right? 
> Daniel H. Caldwell


I was thinking about this very thing Daniel as I fell asleep reading 
Sven Eck's book and The Mahatma Letters. Why? Because Damodar 
deserves a second look in terms of the main occult transmitter of the 
letters. He was the man!!! He and HPB lived on intimate terms, along 
with HSO at the Crow's Nest and he was a walking telegraph this man. 
I think he has been described as such too. They were in cohots if 
there was anything shaddy going on, but I think anything genuine had 
Damodar's stamp on it, and he may have allowed HPB to take credit for 
some of his successful transmissions. That's how close I think they 
were. Next, they will be saying she had the man killed!!!!

But my comment is to this about HPB being a liar. I think she told an 
outright lie when she denied that Damodar was not found dead, or 
frozen to death on the way to Tibet. I have always felt that it was a 
true story, that he met his death when he left for the Himalayas. 
What do you think about that? I found her statements in Eck's book 
where she said "Damodar was coming home any day, and that his death 
and the finding of his naked body and clothes nearby was a lie." 
(paraphrase) I can't believe her on this one==can you?


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