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Re: Master KH on "God": Mahatma Letter No. 10

Nov 10, 2002 03:39 PM
by netemara888

Again you misunderstand my essay. I am talking about Humanity and 
their lack of understanding. I am not talking about myself here. Yes, 
they are schools of yoga and physical or hatha yoga is not 
recommended at this time for enlightenment purposes--c'est tout. And 
on up to the other yogas.

The "God identification" is as old as Atlantean times. The power the 
understanding that energy was God, and the knowledge to use it is 
what destroyed Atlantis. 

Enjoyed the story about Mahareshi. In the years I spent meditating I 
went to bed early and never saw a darn thing on late night TV. I have 
been meditating for over 30 years. If you want to see what I really 
think and do then go to my forum and read:

I just changed the name that I inherited. But the sun logo I kept.



-- In theos-talk@y..., "Steve Stubbs" <stevestubbs@y...> wrote:
> --- In theos-talk@y..., "netemara888" <netemara888@y...> wrote:
> > But what about the 6 or 7 schools of yoga. Did they not cover all 
> the 
> > bases?
> I am not sure I understand the question, but different schools were 
> developed to meet the needs of different temperaments. In his book 
> TANTRIC MYSTICISM IN TIBET Blofeld argued that the different 
> are like different grades in the public school system. Mantra 
> which is based on the simple repetition of a sound, is the 
> most "elemebtary" level, whereas Tantric Tibetan schools, with 
> elaborate deity visualizations is akin to high school. and Zen is 
> PhD program. Blofeld's idea is that not everyone is ready for a 
> There was a spoof on a shampoo commercial on TV a number of years 
> in which some fellow made up to look like the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 
> says "Maharishi say life is like a hairbrush. Different strokes 
> different folks." The commercial they were satirizing was itself a 
> satire in which a guy looking like the Maharishi recoiled from a 
> devotee's disgusting hair and recommended he use a brand of shampoo.
> There is a very complex psychological theory to explain why there 
> different schools of yoga. The devotional schools are actually the 
> most advanced according to this theory, but not everyone is 
> temperamentally suited for devotion (I am not) and so we have Jnana 
> Yoga, Karma Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Laya Yoga, and so on.
> there are not only many unanswered questions, 
> > but many unaddressed problems inherent in a system such as this.
> The system opens up to you over time and the unanswered questions 
> answered. In due course you come to realize the an entire lifetime 
> is not enough to learn everything there is to know.
> > Bhakti devotion is given to the pious masses to help assure 
> humility. 
> > So that they will not all rise up and declare "I am God."
> Actually this idea that one must be humble and not identify 
> with "God" arises with the building up of hierarchy. I had a Roman 
> catholic tell me they are taught the pope is God, although not all 
> them buy into that. But in the first century they were taught that 
> THEY were God. The first century idea was that fellow beings 
> be regarded as God and treated with due reverence. But this idea 
> also very empowering, because if your fellow man is God, then so 
> you, and if you are God, your limitations are all entirely self 
> imposed.
> Now if this 
> > were to happen, then you would have chaos or Utopia would you 
> > Well, it can be argued either way. You will have chaos or divine 
> > order
> If people regarded their fellow man as "God" as was taught 
> ago the result would be utopia and not chaos. Huna teacher Serge 
> King still recommends this to his students. When he meets someone 
> says mentally: "Thou art God" to change his mental state.
> , but certainly you would not have popes and masters who declare 
> > that THEY are GIHF and YOU, my peon, are NOT.
> That is the historical reason this idea was anathematized.

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