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Re: Theos-World RE: Authorship of the Voice In The Silence

Nov 10, 2002 09:22 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Dallas writes:
permit me to observe that Mr. Leadbeater was not (to my knowledge) of
H P B's circle in Avenue Rd., and when she returned from her vacation

Quite right. Leadbeater was only a member of the Blavatsky lodge in the much
fraudolent, twisted and misleading Leadbeater hagiography of Mr Peter
Michel. Actually, he was a member of the London lodge, but this little
intermix is rather irrelevant if you the author of a "biography".
And that HPB signed and gifted the first copy of the Voice to CWL is also a
bigot wish of the Leadbeater fanatic.
The first documentary proof of the faked chela story I have found so far in
the supplement of The Theosophist of Sept. 1923, p. 14, where Annie Besant
spreads this deliberate lie. But that is of course not much surprising for
anyone who had ever personally contact with the black magic pseudo
theosophists from the Adyar "TS". I ahve attended their 100th German section
anniversary in July, 2002, in Berlin, with Radha Burnier present. In over
100 years they have learned not one jota. The Masters still fly through the
room and looking into the lower astral world and develop lower siddhis is
still recommended.
Also - under my frequent protest - a portrait of Leadbeater was presented
over the whole week in the line of the TS presidents.
Here you have the answer with what sort of people you have to do here.
But attention: Any doubt and any criticism on their fanatical and phantastic
claims - and your are kicked off and accusted to be unbrotherly and
untheosophically. You are only a good theosophist when you believe all lies!
Truth is unbrotherly and disharmony!
Therefore the new motto of Adyar should be: There is no harmony higher than
a good lie!

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