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RE: Authorship of the Voice In The Silence

Nov 09, 2002 02:53 AM
by dalval14

Nov 9 2002

Re: Writing and Authorship of the VOICE OF THE SILENCE -- H P B

Dear Friends:

permit me to observe that Mr. Leadbeater was not (to my knowledge) of
H P B's circle in Avenue Rd., and when she returned from her vacation
in France in 1889 with the MSS for the VOICE OF THE SILENCE, it was
handed over to the Keightleys, Mead and Annie Besant to read. No
mention of Bro. "Hillarion" was hinted at or made, nor could I find
any recorded at that time.

Mr. Leadbeater has made a number of claims after her death which could
not be substantiated.

In any case the value of the VOICE OF THE SILENCE lies inherently in
the text, and not in any supposed author. As far as we know H P B
was that author.

Best wishes,



I am sure Daniel Caldwell has more on this from the archives.


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> > Thank you Marina, yes I have also read similar

> Dear Jeremy,
> Do you remember the adress where you read the reference about
> Hillarion's help on The Voice of the Silence?
> many thanks,
> Marina.

You, as I, may be interested in the following compliation.

Comments on "The Voice of the Silence"

by Clara Codd

C.W. Leadbeater told us that quite a number of these precepts were
by the great teacher Aryasanga. They were written in a sort of cryptic
language, picture language, that you could read in many different
tongues. I
wonder if some of them are written in what is called the Senzar,
H.P.B. Says she studied the Senzar when she was in Tibet, and the
Senzar is
the sacred root of Sanskrit, and it was brought over from Venus by the
Adepts, six and a half million years ago. I suppose it is a language
anyone knows except in certain esoteric schools, but Sanskrit is a
derivative from the Senzar, and I expect that is why it is called the
Devanagari, God language, Deva language. It is the sacred language in
East, like Latin used to be in the West. She says at the end of the
I have done my best to preserve the poetical beauty of the language
imagery which characterizes the original. C.W. Leadbeater told us that
was helped in doing this by the Master Hilarion, the one who wrote
Light on
the Path. He helped H.P.B. and it is the most beautiful language. When
remember that H.P.B. didn't know English very well, yet she managed to
it in the most splendid words. The Master must have helped her; she
not have done it by herself.


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