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Theos-World 100% certainty??

Nov 09, 2002 01:27 AM
by leonmaurer

Dal's commentary re the SD certainly makes more sense than the prejudiced 
contrary opinions about the validity of HPB's message we have been subjected 
to lately.

Interestingly, the recent holistic theories of Superstrings/M-branes (see 
Brian Greene's, "The Elegant Universe," and with its 
11 enfolded spatial "dimensions" (including Time, although it is not a 
"spatial" dimension, but a measure of change) -- which throws into a cocked 
hat all currently accepted reductive scientific theories and its assumptions 
that our 4-dimensional "material" space time continuum is all that exists and 
that "consciousness" is an epiphenomena of matter -- almost fully confirms 
the theosophical concepts of a multidimensional universe (7-10-14 etc.) 
composed of transcendental (hyperspace) fields that are "coadunate but not 
consubstantial," and follow the fundamental laws of electricity and "force" 
such as, cycles and periodicity, resonance, induction, harmony, holography, 

Therefore, If the new paradigm of Superstring/M-brane theory along with the 
theories of "morphogenetic fields" (ref: Ruppert Sheldrake) ultimately 
replaces (or merges) relativity, quantum and classical theories, and wipes 
out all anthropological theories of mans origin, as well as confirming my ABC 
theory of visual perception and self consciousness -- then the theosophical 
theories of rounds and races, karma and reincarnation might very well be 
logical imperatives that one day may be "proved" both mathematically and 
scientifically -- as HPB predicted. (And, as she also presaged both 
relativity and quantum theories.) See references at:


In a message dated 08/21/02 3:16:09 AM, writes:

>Caldwell: 100% certainty??
>Brian: That is the ultimate fall back (if all ells fails), except once a 
>in the door Theosophist then will come back and say "well you see, so
>maybe it's true there are indeed all these sub races the Secret Doctrine
>claims !?
>Dalval/Dallas wrote (of course Daniel Caldwell doesn't agree with that
>right ?)

<<1. The establishing of the facts that Esoteric and Oriental
Literature and philosophy have recorded in regard to the
evolution of our Earth. This covers each of the first 3 ROUNDS
(3 times around the 7 GLOBES) and, specifically, it deals with
the history of evolution in this, the 4th ROUND.

In this 4th ROUND it deals with the most recent time period named
by HPB in the SD the 4th GLOBE [see Diagram SD I 200]. One must
remember that these (ROUNDS, GLOBES, RACES, SUB-RACES are
measures of time.

Another fact that esotericism speaks of is that there have been
great changes in material (PHYSICAL), psychological (MIND,
FEELINGS, EMOTIONS) and spiritual (MONADIC) development. These
are traced by occultism and a summary is offered to us, together
with explanations in Vol. 2 of the S D. We can, by reading what
is offered there, learn in greater detail about our own past
history. About that which occurred during those vast periods.

In S D I p. 181, HPB gives basic facts about three lines of
Evolution. She describes them around that page and names them.

1. Spiritual (or MONADIC).
2. Intellectual ( or Manasic), and
3. Physical. (or material).

It will be found that the 2nd Vol. of the S D focuses in still
greater detail on the 4 RACES that have preceded ours. It
provides information concerning our evolution there and upon the
development of mind and psyche and Soul. The physical side of
evolution and its remains as fossils and monuments -- contrasting
with the Scientific views of geology and archaeology are also
discussed as of the time when HPB wrote which was over 1110 years

It is very important to realize ( and carry this in mind during
the following consideration) that the Reincarnating EGO
(Atma-Buddhi-Manas) in each human being is an IMMORTAL (as a

It has been called the Eternal Pilgrim.

It moves from body to body, as the eras and races pass in time
and development of faculties that are embodied in the character
and the talents of each of us. In all cases there is always an
improving of our range of experience; and, gradually we can trace
a widening to a comprehension of the Universe, and an intuitional
inquiry into the causes of both our diversity and coupled, our
close unity. Ultimately we find that the UNITY of ALL dawns on
us as a potential and then as an actuality. It is a most
wonderful prospect and gives to each of us a sense of purpose, of
dignity, and of an importance, which, once grasped cannot be
relinquished. We find that brotherhood is the basis for all
relationships -- there is a commonality--a sharing--of spirit,
mind and matter, that these are all shared, even though we may
try to guard that which we think is solely "our own."

Therefore, we, who now use 5th RACE, "Aryan Race" bodies, were
the same EGOS that used the old "Atlantean" bodies (through each
of its 7-fold Races), and, the still older "Lemurian" bodies (and
their 7-fold RACE development). When we speak of those old
RACES we are speaking of ourselves when we lived in them and used
them. We are trying to look into our own past history. When we
visit Cyclopean monuments, we are revisiting buildings in which
we may have had a hand in their original construction or
subsequent renovation and restoration down the eras of time.

Our present human bodies--that we are using today--each has in
its past as heredity, one or a mixture of the Sub-Races of the
5th RACE. It, the 5th Race, named "Aryan" (or Noble), is said to
be about 1,050,000 years old [ SD II 141, 144-5, 395]. The Aryan
race arose among the later sub-races of the Atlanteans, and
gradually separated from that older root stock. There are still
human groups and tribes whose heredity can be traced to the
Atlanteans; and even to the last sub-races of the
Lemuro-Atlanteans. It takes vast ages for all the traits and
characteristics of a great Race to die out completely. All this
complexity is explained in detail in SD vol. II.

The 3rd Race was named Lemurian. The 4th Race was named

Lemuria, as a continent, is said to have begun slipping below the
ocean 4,242,352 years back (as of 1888) [ SD I 439fn].

998,100 years ago the Atlantean continent began sinking [SD II
10, 141, 144, ISIS I 557, 593] The last Island related to
Atlantis, is said to have sunk 9,664 BC [ML 155, SD II 5, 8,
406, 444fn, ISIS I 589-94].

In the SD we can find that a special date is drawn attention to
(SD I 150 Fn). It is over 18 million years ago, when the Mind of
humanity is said to have been "lighted up." [ see SD II 167,
254-5, 70-80].

Since the description of the facts found narrated in ancient
oriental literature and the secret books of the Occult
Fraternity, runs in many ways contrary to the hypothesis and
theories of our modern Archaeology, one finds that much of the
2nd Volume of the SD is a great polemic, and many arguments are
advance in contrasting opposing views: the theories of
Archaeology and the FACTS of Occult Science and History.

Our modern Sciences of Archaeology, Geology, Paleontology, etc...
are hardly 250 years old. Looking at the physical evidence only,
theories were devised (based on that physical evidence alone) to
account for the evolution of living beings on Earth. There was,
and is, an on-going conflict between "evolutionists" and

Geology provides details concerning the effect of climate on
minerals, plants and the fossils of animals and humans, and
archaeology employs these as clues to the timing of evolutionary
events. It is all based on physical evidence. The evolution of
consciousness, mind, intelligence, instinct and intuition are
invisible, hence the Scientific speculations based on solely the
physical evidence of change cannot possibly give an accurate view
of their separate evolution.

When we look at the evidence of geological change, the S D states
that in some cases we may also be looking at the concretized
remains and evidence of evolutionary change in the ASTRAL
periods. Thus some fossils and strata reflect traces of those
ancient Astral conditions and its changes during those past eras
in terms of our present highly condensed material -- which now
clothes the original Astral forms. [ One might consider (using
an analogy) that the space between the Atomic nuclei and their
peripheral electrons was even wider in those early days than they
are to day, thus making the appearance of "matter" far more
tenuous--"misty" to us as a perspective. As matter "condensed"
so did the Astral fossils and strata.]

The great difference between Occult and material Science in this,
lies in a grasp of the nature of the early periods of Astral
development and its changes prior to our so very material
physical evolution. The early Rounds of our Earth (One, Two,
Three to the middle of the 4th ROUND) are largely evolutionary
periods involving only the Astral material and its progress.

Minerals, plants animals and mankind were all astral in form, and
just as "solid" to each other then, in those periods, as we are
today solid to one another in this kind of condensed "matter"
that we use all the time. Physical Matter, such as we now are
familiar with, and live in, became gradually more concretely
manifest and visible in the 4th GLOBE of this, our ROUND (which
is the 4th in the World series of rounds). The 4th GLOBE, of
this 4th ROUND, being the densest -- which is where we are, as
"forms," now.).

In this our 4th GLOBE, the 7 RACES which form, also, the
sub-divisions of time, recapitulate the entire process of
development (as the fetus does in the womb) of the 3 earlier

RACES One, Two and Three (Lemurian) up to the middle of the 3rd
were largely Astral forms -- of Astral matter, and these have
gradually consolidated as the material conditions changed and
densified around them. [ SD I 142, ]

The Astral form is electro-magnetic in character and for each
individual intelligence (be this mineral, plant, animal or human)
there is a specific and individual "force-field" to which
cooperative materials are attracted. These assist in making a
coherent bodily form.

Thus, the Astral is held in esotericism to always precede the

If one considers what Science teaches us today about the
constitution of the atom, we can see that if we analyze our
physical body to its ultimate nature we are left with
"force-fields" that are "atomic" in nature and quality. But that
Power which draws specific atoms to form molecules, cells, and
physical structures into a living body, is yet to be located, and
subject to analysis. Yet, it exists since we are here, using our
bodies and very conscious in them of both feelings and thoughts.

At our present evolutionary stage, the astral form/entity is
entirely interior to the physical. It forms the mold or
framework on which the physical molecules, cells, and other
physical structures form a coherent cooperative, in which an
Intelligence (called the Human Personality) can reside. It is
far more resistant to change than physical matter and serves as
the continuing basis for our appearance, from childhood to old
age. There is an astral BRAIN which is the true center of
Intelligence, and where memory is recorded. The physical Brain
changes and alters from second to second, (as does the living
matter of the whole body) and so, the Brain, is constantly
renewed as it deteriorates and that which needs removal is
replaced. It is the physical tool of the Astral True Brain.

In Man's form, a MIND (in addition to the feeling, sensitive
Personality) also resides [SD II 167, 79-80, 254-5]. Man's form
has associated with it, all the impulse of a well-developed
instinctual and desire nature. The Mind in man is of the
Spiritual essence that inheres in Him; it is THIS (the MONAD --
the HIGHER SELF) that broods over each of our personalities as we
live our daily life. We can thus see that no matter how many
fossils are discovered, the astral, the mental and the spiritual
heredity and evolution cannot be deduced from them.

Because of this HPB had to draw comparisons with the facts known
to Occultism and those tentative theories and hypotheses that
were being advanced by archaeology, and the scientific theories
on evolution and heredity that were current in her day -- and
which as is usually the case became accepted as "true" and as a
"basis" on which to further pursue study and deposit sich
additional facts as were unearthed. [One ought to become
familiar with the 3 books written by Michael Cremo and Richard
Thompson regarding FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGY -- which uncover some 
the data that archaeology has concealed -- if it did not fit
those theories.]

Since HPB's time, there have been some changes brought on by
fresh discoveries and technical improvements in the views and
dating of modern Science, but the basic distinction between the
physical and the astral, the physical and the intellectual, and
the physical and the Spiritual consciousness has never yet been
derived from fossils. Nor have their evolution been traced
except hypothetically.

The general theories current when the S D was written over 110
years ago, are still in place, but thanks to dating techniques
the antiquity of early times and geological ages have been
extended and widened. In the 2nd part of this essay we offer
some data for comparison on this.

During HPB's time another theory (besides Lyell's 'Gradualism')
concerning evolution was also under consideration in France,
based on the observations and hypothesis of the eminent scientist
Georges Cuvier (1769-1832). Cuvier as a Zoologist and Chancellor
of the University of Paris developed from his observations of
fossils found in old geological strata the concept of
"Catastrophism." Great global cataclysms were seen to
substantially alter the progress of evolution from time to time.
A perspective is needed to view these.

Geologists have revealed many great catastrophic changes that
have left their mark on global geology. For example: (These
time-frame estimates are made by modern Geology.)

Early Cambrian Age (estimated at 570 million years ago).
Unicellular forms seem suddenly to give way to multicellular ones
showing mineralized skeletons -- trilobites, etc... The cause
for this change is not known.

At the end of the Ordovician Period (estimated at 425 million
years ago). The cause of a vast mass extinction that occurred
then is yet to be determined. This was apparently accompanied by
a long ice age.

At the close of the Devonian Age (estimated at 365 million years
ago). Another mass extinction of species occurred -- cause yet
to be determined.

The Paleozoic Era was brought to a close (estimated at 225
million years ago). A most violent mass extinction (including
the ancient trilobites) occurred leaving only about 5% of all
species alive. It is theorized that the supercontinent
"Pangea" -- "mother" of the present continents was then in place.
Water diminished, and sea levels lowered dramatically Massive
volcanic action seems to have taken place.

Triassic Period, at its end (estimated at 190 million years
ago). Another mass extinction of living species was observed.
This may have been triggered it has been theorized by the impact
of large meteorite or a small comet in the area of Quebec's Lake
Manicougan (60 mile wide crater). The subsequent ice age caused
a massive die-off of living forms. It is theorized that the
hypothetical link (Cotylosaurus) between the dinosaurs and the
mammillae and reptiles was destroyed at that time.

65 million years ago another comet/meteorite also collided with
the Earth and the resulting devastation caused the death of most
of the Earth's species. This included the remaining dinosaurs
and reptiles. A world wide layer of iridium between 2 layers of
limestone may have been deposited as iridium, rare on Earth, is
largely present in meteorites [1980, Alvarez]. Mammals survived
and a new distribution of fauna prospered after this.

35 million years ago saw possibly two impacts (one under the
Chesapeake Bay, and another in Siberia) that triggered the death
of most of the animal species of the Earth, as a great ice age
ensued. .

This catalog causes one to observe that long periods of relative
stability can be traced by geologists to be interrupted by
violent events: floods or volcanism. These upheavals alter the
course of Life as a whole. Archaeologists and Geologists wonder
if a new era and change in quality of life is marked by the rapid
development of new species. For example it is noticed that
fossils indicate a rapid rise in the mammalian population of the
Earth following the general demise of the dinosaurs some 65
million years ago. Later still human fossils begin to be found
in strata that seems to be around 4 million years old. In HPB's
time a very grudging 40 to 100,000 years was allowed for the
emergence of the human frame, presumably from that of the apes,
which so closely resembled them. But the S D teaches that the
Apes are the descendents of man and not its predecessors or
progenitors. [ see SD, Vol. II]

Scientists of HPB's time like Mr. De Quatrefages and others,
challenged this "descent from the Apes theory" because
anatomically man's skeleton can be shown to precede that of the

To explain this: Man's skeletal form is far more primitive, and
the skeletons of the Apes show specializations that could only be
derived by environmental requirements placed on them. Whereas
the human skeleton can be shown to remain unchanged in structure
no matter how old the strata may be from which his fossils may be
found. The antiquity of the strata shows no variation in man's
skeleton. Further the special characteristics of various human
skeletal features can be found today among us. We are also aware
that today with our current highly technological civilization,
there are savage tribes and races that still co-exist with us in
South America, Australia, Africa, Polynesia, (not to mention the
"inner-city" jungles that we have created in our large cities).

An additional factor is the size of the brain. It has to be
noted that Man's cranial capacity, the average -- including those
we term 'savages' -- is 100 cubic inches or more. This is about
3 times as large as the brain volume of the largest Ape, the
Gorilla, which measures on the average, 31 cubic inches or less.
[SD II 293fn, 661, 676, 682].>>

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