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Re: Some questions for Steve

Nov 04, 2002 11:24 AM
by Steve Stubbs

--- In theos-talk@y..., "Daniel H. Caldwell" <comments@b...> wrote:
> Steve, can you please give us your source for "Besant...said"?

Of course I can.

OK, OK, I'll tell you. I found this statement in the book THE 
THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT. This is from memory, Besant accused Judge of 
writing letters "in the handwriting adopted by HPB for mahatma 
letters." The implication was that the handwriting having been 
adopted by HPB it should not be adopted by anyone else.

You posted Mead's article on the SD on your web site in which he 
indirectly quotes Judge to the effect that what he did, writing 
mahatma letters, etc., had been done before by HPB. When HPB died, 
Judge swiped the Chinese stationery from her desk which she used for 
mahatma letters and started using that himself for his own mahatma 

I think Judge, Blavatsky, et al. all believed they were writing real 
mahatma letters - i.e., that they were sincere. The question is: 
were they right?

> But why should we accept what Mrs. Besant said about this?

It seems to be significant evidence since she was Blavatsky's heir 

> Yes, it is true that HPB did not "disguise" her handwriting because 
> this was simply one of her OWN letters to Sinnett.

She did represent this as a comunication from her master whether 
dictated or not. It is significant and should be entered into 
evidence that this mahatma letter was written in Blavatsky script.

> In light of what you have been writing, Steve, why didn't HPB 
> disguise her handwriting in this instance and write in the M. 
> and give Sinnett another separate M. letter?

You are asking me to speculate on the mind set of the madame without 
evidence, and that is not kosher. What I am trying to do is find 
evidence of undoubted authenticity which gives insight and not to 
speculate in a vacuum.

> Perchance, Steve, you and I believe that D.K. actually appeared to 
> HPB and the scenario in her cabin outlined by HPB actually happened.

I am not an anti-Theosophist, merely examining the evidence to see 
what insights I can glean from it.

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