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Bart's Latest Statement

Nov 03, 2002 05:33 PM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

Bart, you wrote:

"When Hodgson took 'samples' of Blavatsky's handwriting and Mahatma 
Letters to a handwriting analyst, it appears that they were not 
originals; they were copies that Hodgson made himself. No wonder his 
analyst said they came from the same person." 

Bart, as far as I can ascertain, your statement is wrong and somehow 
you have been misinformed.

Both Netherclift and Sims saw and examined the originals of certain 
Mahatma as well as certain Blavatsky letters.

For example, on pp. 282-283 of Hodgson's Report, we find Hodgson 
writing as follows:

"With the incriminating Blavatsky-Coulomb letters which were 
submitted to Mr. Netherclift, were also submitted some specimens of 
the K.H. writing, viz., several small slips which were forwarded from 
India with the Blavatsky-Coulomb letters proper, a K.H. document in 
blue ink submitted by Mr. Massey, and a K.H. document in blue pencil 
sumbitted by Mr. Myers. Mr. Netherclift, in the first instance, came 
to the conclusion that these K.H. documents were not written by 
Madame Blavatsky. . . . In the meantime we had obtained from Mr. 
Sinnett eight specimens of the K.H. writing, which represented, some 
of them at least, consecutive periods of time, beginning with the 
earliest letter received by Mr. Sinnett. . . . I therefore re-
submitted to him the K.H. writings belonging to Messrs. Massey and 
Myers, which we still had in our possession, together with the series 
forwarded by Mr. Sinnett. . . .The result was that Mr. Netherclift 
came to the conclusion that the whole of these documents were without 
doubt written by Madame Blavatsky. Mr. Sims, of the British Museum, 
similarly changed his opinion after inspection of the documents 
furnished by Mr. Sinnett." 

Further down page 283, Hodgson again writes about ". . . the series 
of K.H. Letters lent by Mr. Sinnett. . . "

As far as I can tell, we are dealing with the originals LENT by 
Massey, Myers and Sinnett. All three of these gentlemen lived in 

The same can be said of the relevant Blavatsky letters. Netherclift 
and Sims saw and examined the originals.

It is true, I believe, that the reproductions of the Blavatsky and 
Mahatma letters in the 2 Plates in the Hodgson Report were traced 
from the originals. I would have to verify that statement to be 100% 

This will have to suffice for now.


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