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Another Example of Precipitation

Nov 03, 2002 06:27 PM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

Henry S. Olcott
Simla, India
October 4, 1880.
Then Major Henderson asked her [Madame Blavatsky] to explain the 
science of it, but she said she could not, as he was not yet a 
Theosophist. He said he meant to be one. "When?" said she. "To-
morrow" he replied. Mrs. Sinnett said "Why not today?" "So I will" 
said the Major; "come Madame, produce me a diploma on the spot!" "If 
I do, will you really join us?" "I will." "Then you shall have it." 
She looked here and there and walked about near us for a few moments, 
then sat down on the edge of a little bank. "If you want the diploma, 
you must hunt for it yourself; the 'Brother' who is helping me says 
it is rolled up tied with about 50 feet of blue twine and covered 
with creeping vines," she said to the Major. The party all went to 
searching and presently Major Henderson, raising the low branches of 
a deodar shrub and parting the grass said "I have it!" He really had -
one of our diplomas filled out to Major Philip D. Henderson as 
Corresponding Fellow, and an official letter on my Headquarters 
letter-paper, WRITTEN IN MY OWN HANDWRITING and signed "Faithfully 
yours (the name in Tibetan characters [that is, the name of 
the 'Brother' helping HPB --- dhc] for H. S. Olcott, President of the 
Theosophical Society." Fancy my astonishment! The letter was dated 
October 2/3 - that is at the point (or night between the two days and 
it referred to a conversation that had taken place between Major 
Henderson and Madame Blavatsky on the preceding evening. 
Quoted from:

Notice that it was Mr. Henderson himself who said:

"Come Madame, produce me a diploma on the spot!" 

And she did!!

Daniel H. Caldwell

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