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Some questions for Steve

Nov 04, 2002 10:20 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell


You wrote:

"It was Besant who said Blavatsky disguised her handwriting for 
mahatma letters."

Steve, can you please give us your source for "Besant...said"?

But why should we accept what Mrs. Besant said about this? What did 
Mrs. Besant actually know about this matter?

Furthermore, Mrs. Besant didn't come on to the Theosophical scene 
until 1889. Most of the Mahatma Letters were received prior to this 
year. So what did she really know about how these mahatma letters 
were written or not?

[Here I am ignoring the mahatma letters that were a bone of 
contention between Judge and Besant in the 1890s.]

Steve, again you state:

"In the case of the Prayah letter she [HPB] did not disguie her 
handwriting, but sent it out in her own script. In that case, as in 
others, the content of the letter is supposed to have been that of 
the mahatma, and not hers."

Yes, it is true that HPB did not "disguise" her handwriting because 
this was simply one of her OWN letters to Sinnett. She did 
not "pretend" that she was transmitting an actual letter from M.

See this particular letter at:

Notice what HPB writes to Sinnett:

"[I]Saw at last M. and showed him your last or rather Benemadhab's on 
which you have scratched a query. It is the latter Morya answers. I 
wrote this under his dictation and now copy it."

But ponder on this.....

In light of what you have been writing, Steve, why didn't HPB 
disguise her handwriting in this instance and write in the M. script 
and give Sinnett another separate M. letter? A careless choice? Was 
she too tired to "disguise" her handwriting? etc. etc.

Furthermore, why would HPB make all the effort and learn to 
disguise her handwriting in at least two different scripts (KH and M) 
when she could have EASILY written ALL of the Mahatma communications 
in her own handwriting and simply added:

"I wrote this under his dictation and now copy it."

And please compare and contrast this communication from M 

[ ]


the 1884 HPB letter I quoted yesterday

[ ]

In the Prayag letter, HPB simply copies M.'s dicatated words into her 
own letter. No "disguised" Mahatmic handwriting here!

But in the 1884 letter, HPB enclosed with her own letter a separate 
letter in KH's handwriting.

Futhermore, she told Sinnett D.K appeared in his apparitional form 
and "wrote" the letter while KH was dictating.

Why didn't KH just dictate it directly to HPB? Why is D.K. even 
involved in this letter transaction?

Perchance, Steve, you and I believe that D.K. actually appeared to 
HPB and the scenario in her cabin outlined by HPB actually happened. 
But does our friend Brian/Brigitte believe that? From his/her 
previous comments, I would think that B/B believes HPB faked both 
communications under discussion. There was no Master Morya dictating 
to HPB. And there was no DK appearing in her cabin, etc. etc. HPB 
faked both letters. 

I could be wrong about B's/B's opinion and I look forward to his/her 
clearly stated opinion. 


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