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RE: Theos-World ¿Question?

Apr 20, 2002 04:40 AM
by dalval14

Saturday, April 20, 2002

Dear Friends:

There is no question but we are always learning from others.

In the case of theosophy, since H P B was its exponent, I would
recommend we all go to her to find out what she taught. What
could be simpler ?

Many have evolved their own ideas as to what theosophy might say,
but are those opinions "in line" with the original teachings by
the original teacher ?

Every one has to do the reading and the studying for themselves
and make up their own minds.

Opinions about Theosophy are many. The teaching of Theosophy was
the province and duty of one person: H P B.

And that's the position I take but, it is strictly for myself. I
also read what others say. And I compare those ideas with the
originals. Everyone has to do this for themselves. There is no
other way. But yes there is accepting the opinions or the say-so
of others without thought or checking. That is blind belief and
faith. It may or may not be true. But, WHAT DO WE ACTUALLY KNOW

Bet wishes,


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Subject: Re: Theos-World ¿Question?

I'm sure Dallas feels H.P.B. is a guide, possibly even a Master
of some sort
although she would say she was only a student but the fact
remains Dallas
"sees" H.P.B. as his only focus and that is a requirement of all
(chelas) in developing right attitude , so i re-iterate one
"needs" a gude and revering and veneration and devotion and so on
are the
stepping stones with which we ascend to the heights of Everest
and , in the
end , one supposes that the moth becomes the butterfly, and the
Butterfly who
taught the moth and the moth who became a butterfly are then one,
BUT, by way
of reason, not till then is all this student meant to say and I
know Dallas
wanted to clear up any resemblance of a hangy on approach to
responsibility to having an "AUTHORITY" as one's crutch thereby
incurring a
loss of dignity and who knows what else. The fact remains H.P.B.
existed and
her Masters existed , now who was who? Master? student? man?
woman? lower
self? Higher Self? Those who read H.P.B. are they "students"?
Masters? or
merely readers of occult metaphysics . who are you? (please don't
answer as
your view of you has allready been stated} Who am I? What are
you? What am I?.
Now who would have to ask these questions if we REALLY knew 100%.
Dallas points to the fact that H.P.B. gives a FULL view of who we
are really
and who we might become and one pointedness has its virtues,
believe me.
That's all.


In a message dated 4/19/02 5:37:27 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> Dear Friend:
> As far as I am aware the writings of H P B on behalf of the
Masters of
> Wisdom prove themselves. There is as H P B herself explains in
> P.Blavatsky Articles I 475; BLAVATSKY: Collected Works (TPH)
Vol. 13, p
> 191] the matter of errors introduced or left uncorrected by
proof readers.
> However over 60 years of study of her writings shows me that
they are
> coherent and logical.
> No guide or guru are needed. The student armed with a good
dictionary and
> encyclopedia can with diligence demonstrate to himself that
what H P B
> is logical and useful as a method of understanding the
operations of Nature.
> Let us clearly understand NATURE ( the UNIVERSE) is highly
organized and
> cooperative -- or no being could long exist. We need only
look into the
> complexity of our own physical natures to see this at work. We
need only
> look carefully at the fully interactive Nature of things around
us to
> ourselves of this intelligent and minutely sensitive living
> Theosophy describes this state and also provides the logic for
> arrangements of the most small as well as the larges of living
> Best wishes,
> Dallas

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