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Re: Theos-World ¿Question?

Apr 19, 2002 11:46 AM
by Nisk98114

I'm sure Dallas feels H.P.B. is a guide, possibly even a Master of some sort 
although she would say she was only a student but the fact remains Dallas 
"sees" H.P.B. as his only focus and that is a requirement of all students 
(chelas) in developing right attitude , so i re-iterate one eventually 
"needs" a gude and revering and veneration and devotion and so on are the 
stepping stones with which we ascend to the heights of Everest and , in the 
end , one supposes that the moth becomes the butterfly, and the Butterfly who 
taught the moth and the moth who became a butterfly are then one, BUT, by way 
of reason, not till then is all this student meant to say and I know Dallas 
wanted to clear up any resemblance of a hangy on approach to shifting 
responsibility to having an "AUTHORITY" as one's crutch thereby incurring a 
loss of dignity and who knows what else. The fact remains H.P.B. existed and 
her Masters existed , now who was who? Master? student? man? woman? lower 
self? Higher Self? Those who read H.P.B. are they "students"? Masters? or 
merely readers of occult metaphysics . who are you? (please don't answer as 
your view of you has allready been stated} Who am I? What are you? What am I?.
Now who would have to ask these questions if we REALLY knew 100%.
Dallas points to the fact that H.P.B. gives a FULL view of who we are really 
and who we might become and one pointedness has its virtues, believe me.
That's all.

In a message dated 4/19/02 5:37:27 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> Dear Friend:
> As far as I am aware the writings of H P B on behalf of the Masters of 
> Wisdom prove themselves. There is as H P B herself explains in MY BOOKS [ 
> P.Blavatsky Articles I 475; BLAVATSKY: Collected Works (TPH) Vol. 13, p 
> 191] the matter of errors introduced or left uncorrected by proof readers. 
> However over 60 years of study of her writings shows me that they are 
> coherent and logical.
> No guide or guru are needed. The student armed with a good dictionary and 
> encyclopedia can with diligence demonstrate to himself that what H P B 
> is logical and useful as a method of understanding the operations of Nature.
> Let us clearly understand NATURE ( the UNIVERSE) is highly organized and 
> cooperative -- or no being could long exist. We need only look into the 
> complexity of our own physical natures to see this at work. We need only 
> look carefully at the fully interactive Nature of things around us to 
> ourselves of this intelligent and minutely sensitive living WHOLE.
> Theosophy describes this state and also provides the logic for the 
> arrangements of the most small as well as the larges of living things.
> Best wishes,
> Dallas
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> From: Nisk
> Sent: Thursday, April 18, 2002 7:32 AM
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> Subject: Theos-World ¿Question?
> oraganon Writes:
> Iv been studying theosophy for some time now. Iv found that HPB uses
> a somewhat enigmatic references. For example Toum - Tum / Atum among
> other slightly off references . I am finding it harder to rely on the
> accuracy of HPB books ie; secret doc and Isis Unv, when referencing
> with more specific groups of study . The question is Might the
> translations of her work be actual translations , is their actual
> documented references ie; tablets pictures original text of the
> lesser known specifics. And or Is their a possibility that the
> inaccuracies of her work be intentional?
> -
> It is this students considered opinion that any book that deals with 
> esoteric
> meanings as well as exoteric meanings will in almost every case be filled
> with "blinds" and the student is always left with that inevitable , "is it 
> OR
> isn't it" feeling., and that , to my mind, is a goad for the student to
> "exercise" what they have been "seeing" but not necessarily "learning" and
> after a certain point , only a "guide" will get you to where you want to
> go.For example, our famous Mt. Everest climbing stories show that even the
> most experienced climbers from other countries needed the sherpas of Tibet 
> to
> make the trip knowing from "experience" that WITHOUT them they were most
> probably doomed to failure, even with all their great knowledge and
> experience climbing mountains.
> Such is the nature of realizing at some point that a Master or Guru is
> actually NECESSARY in one's spiritual travels.A "thus far and no further"
> feeling being a mysterious factor in all of it.

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