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Problems of the kiddle plagiarism and other things

Apr 19, 2002 04:13 AM
by Alan Williams

Hi theos-talk,

The Kiddle incident does indeed raise large questionmark over the
behaviour of the top Theosophists of that time.

However one may rate the author, the argument showing the
inconsistencies in Theosophies clumsy attempts to explain away the
matter is rather compelling.

Yet I am prepared to reserve judgment on that matter because a) I do
believe that HBPs writings draw together disparate strands into one
overarching vision which does explain many things for me [and I am
unwilling to throw the baby out with the bathwater] and b) I have no
way of determining whether there was perhaps some still unstated
reason for the way the Kiddle incident unfolded which might put my
mind to rest on the side of Theosophy.

As for the criticisms levelled at her major books, they mean very
little to me. For one she was compelled to demonstrate her argument
from available known sources so as not to break the oath of secrecy;
and secondly it was the way in which she arrayed and structured and
explained all that information which gives meaning to the works and
which make them so eye-opening.

Througout my first reading, I was continually struck by the feeling of
powerful truths surging into me. OK, I might be gullible [but I think
Im actually a skeptic] - however Im still convinced of the veracity of
the works.

Another thing to think about is that the people who attack or
highlight others attacks on Theosophy usually point to discrepencies
in matters of fact etc. So far I have not come across a convincing
explanation to show (if the original Theosophists were indeed frauds)
what they possible gained from the exercise. Not only were many good
works done, especially by Olcott, but everthing was done without any
financial gain and in very difficult circumstances. HPB herself
suffered greatly from ill-health yet continued her work even against
medical advice. Theosophies accusers continue to fail to provide a
plausible motive for the actions with which they charge the original

Moving on to other things, HPBs critique of scientific hypocrisy rings
true as loudly today as it must have more than 100 years ago.

An interesting article which appeared in Nexus
( about archaeological
coverups, or how establishment science suppresses with religious
zealotry any findings which put their tired old theories in jeopardy.

Among these fragments of "forbidden archaeology" are many instances
which appear to support Isis and SDs accounts.

Its a good read with links to sites dealing with some of the content.

Best regards,
cell: 082-448-2134

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