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Re: Theos-World night picture of the earth

Apr 18, 2002 04:40 PM
by samblo

Thanks for the post about the night view of planet Earth, quite 
is it not ? On NASA TV I often tape the low light night imaging 
live camera view
as they pass over the Earth, some sights found no where else but 
from there
give a new window and perspective of Mankind and it's Progress. 
Yes the shift
from Light to Darknes is abrupt at the 38th parallel and continues 
once again
at the southern China border, despite their contentions to the 
contary the 
revealing photo from 240 miles straight up tells the real truth of 
the No. Korean
economy. From these heights even densely populated southern 
California shows
little of Man, instead densely populated areas resemble Algue 
growths against
the ocean shore.


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