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Re: Theos-World P.7:The reincarnation astral "body" falacy.

Apr 18, 2002 02:46 PM
by leonmaurer

Since all the detractors of HPB's metaphysical teachings in the SD are 
complaining about their being harassed off the theosophical study lists by so 
called "fundamentalists" and "literalists" -- I thought I'd send out this 
letter that was written before Bridgitte was de-listed (for obvious reasons), 
Jerry resigned, and Paul complained. It speaks for itself and indicates 
that, as far as I am concerned, it was their specious anti theosophical 
arguments and propaganda techniques that were the issues, and not a personal 
vendetta against them (as they claimed) solely to defend HPB and "dead 
letter" theosophy. 

In fact, I miss their letters since they offered me the opportunity to answer 
them on a purely logical basis consistent with both modern science and 
theosophical metaphysics (if properly understood)... As well as the 
opportunity to further explore my all inclusive scientific theory of ABC that 
is not only consistent with all esoteric metaphysical teachings of holistic 
cosmogenetic fields and universal consciousness as the source of all, but 
also consistent with all valid "hard" and "soft" theories of modern science. 

So, to Paul's and Jerry's complaint's that Adelesie and I, among other 
"fundamentalist" theosophists who base all our conclusions on "fundamental 
principles" (against which there can be no valid metaphysical or scientific 
arguments) have drummed them off the lists -- all I can say is, "Baloney." 
In a message dated 03/30/02 2:53:53 PM, writes:

>Our ordinary view of ourselves, as conscious, active agents experiencing
>a real external world, is wrong. In other words we live in the illusion
>that we are a separate self. In mystical experiences this separate self
>dissolves and the world is experienced as one - actions happen but 
>there is no separate actor who acts. Long practice at meditation or 
>mindfulness can also dispel the illusion. Now science seems to be 
>coming to the same conclusion - that the idea of a separate conscious 
>self is false.

That's only a specious conclusion from a highly limited reductive 
materialistic point of view. But, which the latest findings of science -- 
i.e., Superstring/M-brane, quantum gravity theories, etc. -- now shows could 
be the wrong view. 

If science is "coming to the same conclusion" that "a separate conscious self 
is false," I defy you to prove that statement with scientific evidence. The 
question I might ask is; if meditation proves the non existence of the self 
or witness, and meditating is a willed "action" who, then, is doing the 
meditating, the willing, or the acting? 

It's obvious that there is only "one" consciousness in the Universe (although 
many different "states" of consciousness, along with their individual centers 
of awareness) ... And, therefore, everything (or every "being") in it can be 
said to be conscious to one degree or another -- or "aware" of their own 
individual surrounding fields that impinge on its individualized "field of 
consciousness" emanating from its own particular zero-point center of overall 
self awareness. 

Otherwise, consciousness couldn't be universally ubiquitous, nor could the 
zero-point centers of the universe, and everything in it, be "everywhere"... 
As all modern scientific theories, including relativity, quantum, string, 
M-brane, etc., confirms.

It's only the "belief" in a "separate consciousness" or Individual separate 
self that is maya or illusion... But this doesn't negate the fact that every 
individual "being" has a separate and unique center of awareness -- tied to 
its ALL containing at(o)mic field that is, in turn, co-energetically linked 
to every separate field of "life" within its singular astral-physical body 
and their associated "aura" or transcendent fields of non sensory-somatic 
consciousness or "awareness" (like willing, thinking, dreaming, recalling, 

This superior "at(o)mic" field -- having a vibrational radiant energy -- as 
the "carrier" of modulated experiential information or memory of all past 
actions, thoughts, visual and somatic memories, talents, etc., that is far 
subtler (or of almost infinitely higher frequency, more attractive, and 
longer lasting, if not permanent) than all its contained inner fields of 
varying substantiality -- must also have its own individual zero-point center 
of awareness that is "separate" from all other such centers located within 
any of its subordinate inner "body" centered fields. 

This at(o)mic, or primarily generative containment field is the one whose 
zero-point center is the real "Self awareness" of the individual entity which 
carries all its past experiential information gained in previous "lives" (in 
the form of innate abilities and other individual characteristics) -- and 
"awakens" them upon each subsequent reincarnation -- when such a long 
lasting field is attracted by "affinity" to a suitable zygote capable of 
receiving its "memory of all prior "impressions" or "skandas," and distribute 
them throughout its own seven fold inner multidimensional field nature as it 
grows to maturity... Much like the universe, differentiates into all it's 
inner "lives" or illusory lower "selves" as it emanates or "inflates" out of 
its initial (universal) zero or laya point. 

Thus, its primary At(o)mic field and its "carried" vibratory information or 
knowledge of past cosmic experiences, is as eternal as its primal zero-point 
is... And, as this universal At(o)mic field is the essential "cause" of all 
subsequent sub at(o)mic fields of individual beings, their "effects" of 
potential or actual "self consciousness" is equally eternal -- since no 
energetic vibrational pattern can ever be lost at the highest level of the 
"akashic" field until the far distant ending of Brahma's life (and 
afterwards, might very well survive in Parabrahm). All that doesn't survive 
past the death of each individual body and the dissipation of its physical 
energies (including the astral, kama, prana, and rational mind) is the 
illusion of the individual self identity with the mind and/or the body, its 
desires, and its "life" energy or prana.

To confirm all that; Isn't it obvious that when one steps on a nail, the pain 
or experience of self identity is focused entirely in the foot, and 
specifically in the exact cell or cells that were damaged by the nail? 
Therefore the lower, illusory "animal" self is really many separate selves or 
centers of awareness, including that of the brain and all its individual 
sensors and their neural channels. But, it is also obvious that there is 
only one superior "awareness of our own conscious individuality (being 
conscious of our consciousness) that is the zero-point center of the outer, 
relatively eternal at(o)mic field that contains and is co-energetically 
linked to all of our internal body fields... From the dual 
(intuitive-rational) mental nature, through the dual (desire-life force) 
emotional nature, to the dual (astral blueprint-physical form) body nature... 
Each having its own separate zero-point center of awareness, as well as a 
surrounding coenergetic information carrying field of "coadunate but not 
consubstantial" energy. Contrary to science's failure, this is the only way 
to completely justify the "unity of all," and to solve the, as yet, 
unanswered "hard problems of current science; i.e., Explaining conscious 
"experience" and the "binding" of mind to brain.

For a further understanding of this distinction between one temporary 
"physical" field of consciousness and another, and the ability for the "one" 
primal at(o)mic field to contain all these apparently separate fields within 
the scope of its initial, near infinite energy and frequency phase level, 
check out the following web sites -- or study the Secret Doctrine in 
meditative depth (as recommended by HPB), and find out for yourselves how 
really scientific, and in conformance with the most modern scientific 
theories, the teachings of theosophical multidimensional metaphysics really 

Most of your arguments that attempt to deny reincarnation, or the 
multidimensional (multi-fold) "coadunate but not consubstantial" (ref: HPB) 
nature of all beings -- upon careful analysis, have no scientific or logical 
credibility whatsoever... In spite of all the voluminous quotes and 
prejudicial interpretations of second hand, hearsay and highly opinionated, 
pseudo authoritative historical evidence to the contrary. The theosophical 
"synthesis" (and its metaphysical and ethical/moral conclusions) stands on 
its own and can only be judged with relationship to the most advanced 
synthesis of modern science such as the all inclusive, multidimensional 
Supertrings/M-brane paradigm, along with other holistic informational as well 
as unified zero-point field theories -- that includes the incorporation and 
tying together of currently incompatible relativity and quantum theories. 


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