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RE:_Theos-World Question

Apr 19, 2002 02:35 AM
by dalval14

Dear Friend:

As far as I am aware the writings of H P B on behalf of the Masters of Wisdom prove themselves. There is as H P B herself explains in MY BOOKS [ H.P.Blavatsky Articles I 475; BLAVATSKY: Collected Works (TPH) Vol. 13, p 191] the matter of errors introduced or left uncorrected by proof readers. 

However over 60 years of study of her writings shows me that they are coherent and logical.

No guide or guru are needed. The student armed with a good dictionary and encyclopedia can with diligence demonstrate to himself that what H P B wrote is logical and useful as a method of understanding the operations of Nature.

Let us clearly understand NATURE ( the UNIVERSE) is highly organized and cooperative -- or no being could long exist. We need only look into the complexity of our own physical natures to see this at work. We need only tolook carefully at the fully interactive Nature of things around us to assure ourselves of this intelligent and minutely sensitive living WHOLE.

Theosophy describes this state and also provides the logic for the arrangements of the most small as well as the larges of living things.

Best wishes,


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Subject: Theos-World ┬┐Question?

oraganon Writes:

Iv been studying theosophy for some time now. Iv found that HPB uses
a somewhat enigmatic references. For example Toum - Tum / Atum among
other slightly off references . I am finding it harder to rely on the
accuracy of HPB books ie; secret doc and Isis Unv, when referencing
with more specific groups of study . The question is Might the
translations of her work be actual translations , is their actual
documented references ie; tablets pictures original text of the
lesser known specifics. And or Is their a possibility that the
inaccuracies of her work be intentional?

It is this students considered opinion that any book that deals with esoteric
meanings as well as exoteric meanings will in almost every case be filled
with "blinds" and the student is always left with that inevitable , "is it OR
isn't it" feeling., and that , to my mind, is a goad for the student to
"exercise" what they have been "seeing" but not necessarily "learning" and
after a certain point , only a "guide" will get you to where you want to
go.For example, our famous Mt. Everest climbing stories show that even the
most experienced climbers from other countries needed the sherpas of Tibet to
make the trip knowing from "experience" that WITHOUT them they were most
probably doomed to failure, even with all their great knowledge and
experience climbing mountains.
Such is the nature of realizing at some point that a Master or Guru is
actually NECESSARY in one's spiritual travels.A "thus far and no further"
feeling being a mysterious factor in all of it.


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