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Jatea 1.1

Apr 14, 2002 10:03 PM
by Ademm Indra Ka

All in do process thoughts of eternal love I don't take for granted the obsession To live to die for something so consequential The love/hate that controls every thought every emotion Given the time it takes One may never recover The passion the fire the enticement of a sacred love affair we may never be apart they will never be alone My lust for them is so great I worship the power they have together I would not live without them This chaos is engraved so deep into my soul the gods reek with envy Their breath is the sacred touch binding souls with those of immortals Feeling the pain that pleasure brings us now far apart The cut runs so deep how does one survive Do I even want to The face of purity at every corner With hint of madness Endless imagery of orgies on the 4 way to my new destiny One lives to give one's self to that of divine insanity I can feel the lust in your emerald eyes It all comes down to this, the first touch Things that money could never buy I would give my soul for just one touch Don't mind it I see it all and will have it with time Our every desire quenched Our godly powers set to roam Iv built this up for years No words can describe the fire that burns in our veins the passion we need to feel I would give anything for them and I will destroy everything without
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