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Trial 1.2

Apr 15, 2002 12:49 PM
by Ademm Indra Ka

Their is truth deep inside the soul That goes beyond that of conception We are all frightened of the professed emergence that brought us here Not the infested stereotypical arrangement The truth be known That radical obsessed with the though that may be and truly is in the mist of divulgence One stands now contemned with the abstract abundance That is held so dear Destiny unfolds in the process of allotment May the words be aloud to all those Teach the untold to all that can bare the fact Two sides of mortality The listened and watched The devil in my own sight Who is the guilty one Not i though i lost my innocence Behold the true is masked and held with no bounds Guilty to the set of untold facts So innocently spoken Look at me 4 i have nothing left but to give myself The pleasure so adore Don't turn back now I am not finished yet The trouble it took to get this far The next may be the last So i may not be in the position now to be told the gossip Falling away look at the change that u cannot see It is there even to say it So adored as Those so closed to the mask Removed to plane sight So is it the truth that thing that i used to say is mine i control it is what i say it is What one gets We enter in to the delicate intern of Conception that brings us all to fault Their is understanding left The habit behind leaving nothing The thought of what may be as supposed to the movement is though True leaving the work is finished No time to wait around for the rest We have already begun to give what was needed i would like to forget that which i have forgotten The branding of immortality has been long and hard Forget the lost breed for we are now it On the way to reason bring forth the ones true to the flame For the others haven't the reason for they have forgotten though exemption In part seen thought by the blind The true of a higher nature of effect The thought heard Not known It is the longing that immense has has forsaken i do not believe that i lost.
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