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universal unity

Apr 14, 2002 09:16 PM
by Mic Forster

That we are all one is a much loved theosophical
teaching of mine and it is something I bring into
conversations around the dinner table or at the pub.
Invariably, though, you have opponents which disagree:
"how can I, as an individual entity, be a part of
everything when I know I am something quite
distinct?"; so they say. And these people are usually

Much like you can't force a primate to communicate
with humans through language, rather it must be taught
sign language or how to press computer buttons, so too
you can't force a scientist to communicate through any
other means that is not scientific.

So how to explain the universal unity prinicple? One
method is to describe the interconnectedness of all
life on Earth: I eat a steak for dinner and that food
is converted into energy for bodily maintenance or
growth, hence I have some cow within me etc etc. Yet,
how is that distant galaxy, in any way, part of me?

If you accept the premise that matter is merely a
highly condensed form of energy, if all matter was
slowed or quickened as to reflect the same velocity,
wavelength, content, or however you would like to
describe it, everything in the universe would be
vibrating as one, defined as a single constant.
Everything is the same, homogenous, without form or
differentiation, of the same substance, density,
being. There is universal unity.

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