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Re: Theos-World pleasures of the senses and our path in life

Apr 08, 2002 01:21 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Eldon B Tucker wrote:
> One challenge that we face is to not let our day-to-day life
> and lower desires (requiring immediate gratification) to rule
> our lives. That means that we learn at times to say "no," and
> accept delayed gratification for little things in exchange for
> being able to realize important goals farther off in life.
> We avoid impulse buying, for instance, in exchange for being
> able to save up for an important big purchase.

However, far too many times, I have seen people with base motives try
(and succeed) in getting their agendas through by using the tactic "we
need to put aside our hostility" on those who could see through them.
You have the Communist nations, with the philosophy that the fact of a
Communist government eliminates greed and evil in humanity, and
therefore anybody who sees greed and evil within such a society must
necessarily be insane. And if someone spews hatred, lies, and slanders,
I will not be a "good Theosophist" and let them stand unchallenged, for
fear of "breaking the peace." I quit TS politics for that very reason.

Bart Lidofsky

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