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Re: Theos-World why have talk lists?

Apr 07, 2002 08:48 PM
by folknn

> You leave me confused. First you state it isn't possible then you state it 
is possible for a few dozen out of a billion. Well, is it possible or not?

My statement is clear as it stands.

If you belive so, I can't argue with that.

> If it is possible in at least one single human out of a billion then it 
> is possible. If it was possible for avatars such as Jesus and Buddha, 
> then it is very possible for the rest of humanity. The difference lies 
> in how much one is willing to try.

You are male, correct? Then, tell me, how can you become pregnant by
trying hard?

Incorrect, I am a woman. Therefore I know that pregnancy is a physical state 
not emotional. Theosophy has also made a few points about our inner selves 
(or the soul) not having a defined sex. Blavatsky states that "sex is but a 
passing phase of our earth evolution, for us and the beasts and the plants", 
Purucker also says that the closer we evolve into Globe D our bodies lose 
their distinct sexual definition and along with such loss comes a change in 
the process of procreation. If you can somehow explain how physical 
pregnancy compares to emotional hostility and anger then maybe I can 
understand your point of view.

> If one can not belive that such abandonments are possible then one might 
> as well give up on the idea of becoming Dhyan-Chohans; therefor giving 
> up the idea of becoming Absolut (or FREED) ...therefore and only after 
> reaching Parabrahman.

In this lifetime, that's pretty much it. 

It is good that you realize your own path in life, but as I understand it 
every monad has his own path to pursue. I personally belive that I am 
capable of reaching such changes, therefore I can asume that somewhere out 
there there are others that feel the same way. Most probably because we are 
willing. If Jesus and Buddha did it centuries ago then why couldn't I 
centuries after their existence had passed?

> So yes, this is the at least a very important aspect of Theosophy and I 
> personaly would like to belive it is the whole point in understanding 
> the ancient philosophys.

Even the Mahatmas were human.

Human yes, but with a will. I am not saying that one is capable of totally 
abandoning such attitudes of hostility in a day or a month or on many cases a 
lifetime, I am simply stating that as the Mahatmas willed and tried their 
best to abandon such attitudes therefore should I and anyone out there that 
speaks in the name of Theosophy. I'm not saying that never ever is a human 
being to become angry, I am merely saying that one should have a much wiser 
way of dealing with such anger, and certainly TRY to avoid hostility and 


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