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things poppin' out of nowhere

Apr 08, 2002 05:02 PM
by Mic Forster

I always have a laugh when I watch investigative
television programs how the principal investigator
just seems to stumble across some vital evidence at
the right moment. I have heard from academic
researchers that, when doing their thing, often a book
which is knocked off a shelf will open onto an
important and, most often, long fogotten page. I have
even heard of one chap simply walking into a library,
asking somebody to go a pick any book, and the book is
one which opens new doors to an old problem. Now I
always assumed these were mere stories, but now it has
happened to me. Yesterday I was at Sydney University
photocopying a much needed article. Because I was in a
rush I was not concentrating on what I was doing and I
just presumed I had the right article. Now I have had
time to sit back and read it I have realised that it
is in fact the wrong one. I photocopied a 1965 article
instead of a 1955 article. But alas, this 1965 article
holds much information which I was in desperate need
of. So there you have it folks: here is one tall-tale
that is actually true.

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