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Re: Theos-World managed versus unmanaged lists

Apr 05, 2002 09:02 PM
by ramadoss

Thanks, Eldon for the explaining the difference between what is managed and unmanaged /moderated - unmoderated list.

However, what I had in mind when I posted my msg was the principle of the owner "supervising" or exercising ownership privileges as to what is going on the list and taking action either to prevent someone posting messages or prevent posting of particular messages.

As for the rest of my message, I do not see any reason to change.


At 08:29 AM 4/5/02 -0800, Eldon B Tucker wrote:

[writing on theos-l and theos-news]

At 06:46 PM 4/4/02 -0600, you wrote:
This maillist has seen many many participants posting wide ranging and even
controversial messages and they have come and gone. The list still lives on
and we all can post msgs without having to be concerned with the list owner
moderating or throwing someone off.

Also as I had earlier stated, some theosophical 'vested' interests, in the
early days of this list, made some indirect attempts to "control" what goes
on here and it failed because the individual who is responsible for
starting this list found such independent free for all list has a place in
the cyberspace.



Eldon wrote:

've been waiting a few days to see what everyone says before making
any additional comments. I find it best to delay and respond with a
cool head rather than hastily writing angry replies when I see things
that I don't like.<

You seem confused about what a moderated list is. In a moderated list,
a moderator reads any postings sent to the list and decides in advance
what is allowed to go out. ........<

The difference between theos-l and theos-talk is that theos-l is
an unmanaged list and theos-talk is a managed list. An unmanaged
list is basically abandoned by its listowner, and continually stands
the risk of being taken over or destroyed by trolls or special
interest groups, or hijacked for someone's personal purpose.
An managed list is one where the listowner pays attention to the
state of the list and what's happening to the participants and
intervenes if necessary.<
rest clipped<<<<

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