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Re: Theos-World managed versus unmanaged lists

Apr 06, 2002 02:17 AM
by Morten Sufilight

Hi all of you,

In a book by Mike Pedler "The Learning Organization" (-- try reading it !) - the idea is that the organizations of the present and future to come have- "Not carismatic leaders" but somehing like - counselling or coaching leaders - i.e. sort of polite moderators which are acting as motivators for developing communication and life enfoldment between people.

Is it something like that, which Eldon is up to ?

A view: It is not always cold at the top - if we seek to inform each other properly.
Maybe Eldon has something more to offer on how the list is being moderated.

(-- Well it is just me and my Middle Eastern - karma...)

Feel free to do your best...

from Sufilight -- with moderations and holistic organizers...and some new rugrats...

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Subject: Re: Theos-World managed versus unmanaged lists

> Thanks, Eldon for the explaining the difference between what is managed and 
> unmanaged /moderated - unmoderated list.
> However, what I had in mind when I posted my msg was the principle of the 
> owner "supervising" or exercising ownership privileges as to what is going 
> on the list and taking action either to prevent someone posting messages or 
> prevent posting of particular messages.
> As for the rest of my message, I do not see any reason to change.
> mkr
> At 08:29 AM 4/5/02 -0800, Eldon B Tucker wrote:
> [writing on theos-l and theos-news]
> At 06:46 PM 4/4/02 -0600, you wrote:
> >This maillist has seen many many participants posting wide ranging and even
> controversial messages and they have come and gone. The list still lives on
> and we all can post msgs without having to be concerned with the list owner
> moderating or throwing someone off.
> Also as I had earlier stated, some theosophical 'vested' interests, in the
> early days of this list, made some indirect attempts to "control" what goes
> on here and it failed because the individual who is responsible for
> starting this list found such independent free for all list has a place in
> the cyberspace.
> Regards
> mkr
> Eldon wrote:
> >'ve been waiting a few days to see what everyone says before making
> any additional comments. I find it best to delay and respond with a
> cool head rather than hastily writing angry replies when I see things
> that I don't like.<
> >You seem confused about what a moderated list is. In a moderated list,
> a moderator reads any postings sent to the list and decides in advance
> what is allowed to go out. ........<
> >The difference between theos-l and theos-talk is that theos-l is
> an unmanaged list and theos-talk is a managed list. An unmanaged
> list is basically abandoned by its listowner, and continually stands
> the risk of being taken over or destroyed by trolls or special
> interest groups, or hijacked for someone's personal purpose.
> An managed list is one where the listowner pays attention to the
> state of the list and what's happening to the participants and
> intervenes if necessary.<
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