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RE:Theos-World Questions and Answers

Apr 05, 2002 07:30 AM
by adelasie

Dear Nina,

Hope is one of the foundation stones of the ancient wisdom. Without 
it we are helpless before the ravaging of the lower forces that 
always seek to destroy efforts toward unity. 

As an example, think of the tremendous gulf between the ideal of a 
world characterized by peace and brotherhood, as illuminated in all 
wisdom teachings, and the reality we have today. What is the student 
to think? Are we to give in to the pull toward materialism and 
despair, or are we to hope for something better? 

Theosophy teaches us that if we can hope for the realization of our 
ideals, they will become reality. It is not necessary or advisable to 
pray for their particular realization. The only true prayer includes 
the phrase, "Thy Will, not my will, be done." We don't know enough 
about the whole tapestry of our world to know what should be done or 
how to mend the rents and tears. We can leave those decisions to 
greater intelligences than ours. But we can lend the positive force 
generated by our steady hope that progress can be made, and that hope 
can give us strength to begin to make some of the needed changes in 
our selves. No matter how far we fall, we can always hope to rise 
again to a place where we can begin to work together to heal the 
wounds we ourselves have made in the world around us. 


On 5 Apr 2002 at 9:48, wrote:

> Hello to all of you. My name is Nina and I am new to the Theos-talk
> group. I recently asked my Theosophy teacher the questions I have
> posted below. I will be posting it here exactly as I have sent it to
> her. I would like to know what some of you might have to say about my
> questions. I have yet to receive her answer... maybe I will be
> posting that too.
> Oh yea... and please, excuse any gramatical errors.
> Kindly, Nina.
> What is then the difference between hope and prayer or petition? 
> I making any sense? ====================== There is a saying
> that goes "Without vision the people shall perish" and what you have
> is an internal vision which is really in common with all of humanity.
> As Theosophy states in one of our songs "ends and beginnings are
> dreams". AND i believe it could be stated no dreams , no hope.
> BUT how to express this hope?
> Prayer?
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