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Re: Theos-World Questions and Answers

Apr 05, 2002 07:16 AM
by folknn

In a message dated 4/5/2002 10:56:57 AM SA Western Standard Time, writes:

<< There is a saying that goes "Without vision the people shall perish" and 
you have is an internal vision which is really in common with all of 
As Theosophy states in one of our songs "ends and beginnings are dreams".
AND i believe it could be stated no dreams , no hope.

BUT how to express this hope?
Prayer? >>

This was exactly my feel of things... but then if according to Mr. Purucker 
Prayer is selfish {yet Meditation is not because we are looking within 
ourselves to find "god" because I am the same as he or "THAT" (which is how 
the Absolut is described to my understanding)}... then how do I explain the 
two, how do I differentiate the two. Am I praying when I hope... or am I 
meditating? I agree that without hope one as a human being would not find 
it within himself to move forward or achieve anything... yet I am somehow 
perplexed by this.

How then is hope differentiated from prayer?

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