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RE:Theos-World Questions and Answers

Apr 05, 2002 06:55 AM
by Nisk98114

Hello to all of you. My name is Nina and I am new to the Theos-talk group. 
I recently asked my Theosophy teacher the questions I have posted below. I 
will be posting it here exactly as I have sent it to her. I would like to 
know what some of you might have to say about my questions. I have yet to 
receive her answer... maybe I will be posting that too.

Oh yea... and please, excuse any gramatical errors.
Kindly, Nina.

What is then the difference between hope and prayer or petition? I 
making any sense?
There is a saying that goes "Without vision the people shall perish" and what 
you have is an internal vision which is really in common with all of humanity.
As Theosophy states in one of our songs "ends and beginnings are dreams".
AND i believe it could be stated no dreams , no hope.

BUT how to express this hope?

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