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Re: Theos-World Free energy devices, an old dream.

Apr 02, 2002 08:57 AM
by samblo

Thank you for your reply. Well, Tom Bearden holds a Ph.D. as do 2 
named individuals of the Patent. To my recall he has been engaged 
in this
type of research effort for at least 27 years, if nothing else 
exhibiting that
famous word H.P.B. loved "TRY." I give him credit for perseverance 
if nothing 

Yes, it is quite repletly stated in his joint Patent a permanent 
magnet is an
element of the device, but as with multitudes of other 
technological devices
quite useful to the current civilization that is not novel or new 
or violation of
excepted convention or usage. It is only 1 element of the device, 
he has not claimed to have invented magnets. 

He posted which Reviews the Patent will be published in on his home 
page as
you may have overlooked.

In the USA different from some countries Patent Application must be 
by a working "Demonstration Model" that upon test by the Patent 
Office must
exhibit all Patent Claimed Novelty features successfully. The 
granting of Patent
in the USA has a higher standard than many other countries, often 
the Model
that demonstrates the Patent Claims is provided with the initial 
Prior to Patent Application.

Due to a glitch in my Adobe acrobat Reader I am foreclosed from 
viewing the many PDF contents on the Bearden Home Page nonetheless I 
have read enough 
to see the claims in regard to the technical Materials technology 
the Process he claims which even though without moving parts is 
sound as what occurs on the Motherboard of your PC which also has no 
moving parts. 

They in their Claim states that the device utilizes energy available in 
the "environment" which is transduced via the Process of which the 
is 1 element of many. No, I do not see any reference to "antennae" 
in their Formal Description of the Patent. Perhaps the idea connected to 
word is all that applies here as looking at the device one sees no 

One departure of their Device is the temporary input power which is said 
to be 
brief and used for initialization of process operation only, in effect a 
"Priming Pump"
which is shut off once baseline cycle operation is attained as I read it.

I once had a Registered U.S. Patent Attorney who was the Head of TRW 
world Marketing after Heading for 16 years their Patent Division, Patents 
are very expensive and have to meet the validation of claims by scientific 
test here,
NASA included.


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