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time to move on

Apr 02, 2002 07:37 AM
by Eldon B Tucker

Since Brigitte joined the list, there have been a
series of complaints received about her behavior.
Some long-term participants have specifically
unsubscribed because of her. I have noticed several
times when people have written her on the list and
asked her to behave herself, only to see her lash
out at them in return.

This particular list was created to provide a
safe place to study the theosophical philosophy.
No particular belief is imposed on participants.
Everyone is allowed an equal voice, with no
select individual or individuals empowered to
make final statements on behalf of Theosophy.

The unmoderated nature of the list is important.
It allows for a wide range of creative ideas.
There may be rare cases where it is abused.

After careful consideration, I must conclude
that it's in the best interest of the list that
I unsubscribe Brigitte.

-- Eldon Tucker (writing as listowner)

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