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some mailing list rules

Apr 02, 2002 07:10 AM
by Eldon B Tucker

The following is loosely taken from the list rules for the el-m
mailing list. I've rewritten them and adopted them for the
theos-talk mailing list.

-- Eldon Tucker (writing as listowner)


1. There are all things we feel strongly about. If the discussions
get heated, try to avoid flaming. (That is personal, abusive
attacks indented to incite, degrade, or make fun of another or
their ideas with no positive outcome.) Flaming of the listowner(s)
either on or off list, for their actions on the list, is not

2. Spamming is not allowed. That includes unsolicited email of a
commercial or advertising nature. A brief monthly announcement of
other lists or web sites, though, is allowed. It also includes
length signature lines on emails that are posted to the list.

3. Decisions by the listowner(s) are final and abiding. If a
listowner tells you to drop a topic, please do so.


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