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RE: Free energy devices, Is it only "an old dream?"

Apr 03, 2002 05:51 AM
by dalval14

April 2, 2002

Dear Friends:

Re: Free energy -- Is it really a dream ? Are we missing
something ?

As I recall, in the first volume of the THEOSOPHIST that H P B
issued in Bombay in 1879 there was on p. 54 an article on GARY'S

Diagrams are given. And ample description.

There are two types. One is a reciprocal motion and the other is
a vortical (circular) motion.

I recall as a youngster (1930s and 40s) in Bombay, in my own
crude home lab, trying to duplicate the experiments, and found
out that the dimensions as drawn were not to scale.

Actually the tolerances at which there was this magnetic REVERSAL
(which induced motion by cyclic attraction and repulsion) are
extremely close to the fixed permanent magnet. The critical part
of the experiment revolves around the thickness of the cursor
(keeper) and the very small distance it is to be rigidly held so
as not to contact the poles of the permanent magnets. During my
many trips after I grew up and went into business, the extensive
notes I kept were lost or destroyed.

Another friend in the San Fernando valley, many years later
(1970s), told me he had been intrigued by the article, as I was,
and he had also tried duplicating these experiments, and
independently, had the same results. (Stuart Wilcox).

Running the experiment continuously for about 4 months, I
detected no loss in the power of the permanent magnets used. The
amount of energy produced was very small, and the whole apparatus
had to be shielded from any air currents. The lubrication at
friction points and pivots was also critical, since any increased
viscosity reduced the energy out put.

To set up the experiment one needs the strongest permanent
magnets obtainable, and the adjustments to set the distance of
the movable cursor from those magnetic poles have to most exact
and resist any distortion from the magnetic force -- they have to
be micrometrically adjustable as the clearance between the cursor
and the ends of the permanent magnet is critical. When I did the
experimenting the ceramic magnets we now have available were not
in existence yet. I am sure that with these new high intensity
magnets one can secure more positive results. The cursor
(keeper) was of soft pure iron, not steel.

Also I found that the orientation of the machine I built, was
affected and responded to the Earth's magnetism, this magnetism
affected its efficiency. I am sure that day by day, even hour by
hour fluctuations in our Earth's magnetism had some effect on the
experiment, but I could not determine this. This includes the
angle of incidence to the plane of the horizon and inclination of
the magnetic "motor" in relation to the earth's magnetic field at
the particular latitude at which the experiment is being carried

No magnetically sensitive metals or fields were to be near the
experiment which I also surrounded at some distance when
shielding (using glued wood) from air movements with a fine mesh
of copper wire grounded to the Earth. This additional shielding
was found to be necessary because some changes in electrical
surges any where near the experiment produced measurable effects.
My knowledge of electronics was never developed, or I would have
devised some way to record the amount of energy in terms of a
current generated and measured. I had the concept but not the

In some ways the experiment reminded me (after I read several
biographies and descriptions of Tesla's work) of the care that
he would take in conducting his experiments and measurements --
in regard to the mysterious "broadcast power" he produced in

So now we have three mysterious power sources: Tesla, Gary and
Keely. And we all know that on exposure to bright sunlight
electricity in small quantities is generated in some substances.
The cost of putting in a usable apparatus is very high.
Economically we go for "cheap," and not "abundance" or
"environmentally kind."

It might be a good idea to set up and recheck these experiments.
Keely is said to have been necessarily present in person for his
apparatus to work. There is then, something more than the merely
physical or mechanical preparation of apparatus.

In every case a human mind is essential. Now that is not
materialistic at all. So then is this another proof of the
subtle forces in nature that our Science still ignores?

Best wishes,



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Subject: Re: Theos-World Free energy devices, an old dream.

Thank you for your reply. Well, Tom Bearden holds a
Ph.D. as do 2
named individuals of the Patent. To my recall he has
been engaged
in this
type of research effort for at least 27 years, if
nothing else
exhibiting that
famous word H.P.B. loved "TRY." I give him credit for
if nothing

Yes, it is quite repletly stated in his joint Patent a
magnet is an
element of the device, but as with multitudes of other
technological devices
quite useful to the current civilization that is not
novel or new
or violation of
excepted convention or usage. It is only 1 element of
the device,
he has not claimed to have invented magnets.

He posted which Reviews the Patent will be published in
on his home
page as
you may have overlooked.

In the USA different from some countries Patent
Application must be
by a working "Demonstration Model" that upon test by the
Office must
exhibit all Patent Claimed Novelty features
successfully. The
granting of Patent
in the USA has a higher standard than many other
countries, often
the Model
that demonstrates the Patent Claims is provided with the
Prior to Patent Application.

Due to a glitch in my Adobe acrobat Reader I am
foreclosed from
viewing the many PDF contents on the Bearden Home Page
nonetheless I
have read enough
to see the claims in regard to the technical Materials
the Process he claims which even though without moving
parts is
sound as what occurs on the Motherboard of your PC which
also has no
moving parts.

They in their Claim states that the device utilizes energy
available in
the "environment" which is transduced via the Process of
which the
is 1 element of many. No, I do not see any reference to
in their Formal Description of the Patent. Perhaps the idea
connected to
word is all that applies here as looking at the device one
sees no

One departure of their Device is the temporary input power
which is said
to be
brief and used for initialization of process operation only,
in effect a
"Priming Pump"
which is shut off once baseline cycle operation is attained
as I read it.

I once had a Registered U.S. Patent Attorney who was the
Head of TRW
world Marketing after Heading for 16 years their Patent
Division, Patents
are very expensive and have to meet the validation of claims
by scientific
test here,
NASA included.


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