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Re: Theos-World Dallas's "7-fold scheme ", 3/11/02.

Mar 12, 2002 01:32 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 03/12/02 3:18:01 PM, writes:

>Dallas: "the Mahatma, in one of the letters
>published in the Occult World, says that matter is
>indestructible "
>Brig.: I showed clearly in my postings the previous 4 days that this 
>is dualism and spiritual materialism at best, including that it 
>defies all common sense. Dallas on the other hand still has not 
>provided any proof reg, anything of what he posted the last 4 days, 
>just over and over the same copied quotes that have been appearing on 
>this list many times over. List members have to take it solely on 
>faith and belief.

That's baloney.

Clearly showed? I wonder where your prejudiced ideas are coming from? What 
happened to the fundamental law upon which all modern science is based, that 
says, "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed"? If, as Einstein proved, 
energy is matter, then, how does Dallas' statement "defy all common sense" -- 
when it is perfectly consistent with the underlying basis of commonly a
ccepted physical science? 

Wow... Does all your pontifications come off the same wall as this one? How 
are you so sure that all members of this list are childish morons, who can't 
think for themselves, or can't form their own opinions after adequate study 
and consideration of the ideas and "theories" about the nature of universal 
reality that Dallas quotes? Have you a better theory? I'm sure, if 
necessary, we can quote many respected contemporary scientists (from Bohr 
through Bohm, Wheeler and Heisenberg, to Sarfatti) who consider their 
theories metaphysically and physically consistent with many of the "ancient" 
ideas reported and commented on by HPB. To get some idea of what's going on 
in modern science with relation to its unanswered questions or 'hard 
problems", and the new paradigms (some completely metaphysical) suggested to 
answer them, perhaps you should read the past twelve year archives of the 
Journal of Consciousness Study, Quantum Mind, Psyche-L and D, and many other 
online e-mail forums open to scientists and philosophers of all disciplines 
interested in the study of consciousness -- rather than base your opinions on 
information published in the popular press and general literature media.

So, what makes you the final expert on everything physical and metaphysical 
that we all have to take solely on faith and belief? Why should we believe 
that you (and your selectively referenced authors to allegedly "prove" your 
point) know what you're all talking about? Do you think that this 
propaganda-like quoting from your own writings in endless repetition is 
finally going to knock us all over in blind belief of all your pontifications 
and edicts? 

I ask again, how can you falsify a metaphysical theory, that explains 
everything (including all that conventional physical science CANNOT explain) 
without coming up with an equally consistent and comprehensive "unified field 
theory of everything" that includes both metaphysical and physical truths as 
seen from both points of view? 

Maybe you'll understand what we (occultists and real theosophists) are 
talking about, whenever you learn to read mystical and metaphysical textbooks 
"between the lines and in the words," ignoring all the side paths and 
"blinds" added for the "profane," and stop relying on the historical opinions 
and interpretations of other, self designated "experts," and "authorities" 
who look at everything with a prejudiced materialistic bias, and can't see 
the forest for the trees. 


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