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RE:Theos-World Credibility of Witnesses, and materialisations.

Mar 12, 2002 10:16 AM
by Nisk98114

I was to Disneyland , once upon a time , and rode or i should say , sat in a 
closed capsule with about 30 or so others and would have sworn on a stack of 
bibles that i was riding in a spaceship in free space.
I have ridden on airplanes and know i was actually flying.
The senses are such poor conveyors of what is.
Subj: Theos-World Credibility of Witnesses, and materialisations. 
Date: 3/12/02 10:28:10 AM Eastern Standard Time   
From: (bri_mue)
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Adolf Beck was sentenced in 1896 to seven years'penal servitude for a 
series of robberies from women, and in 1904 was again convicted for 
similar offenses. On the first occasion he was identified by no less 
than ten women, and the second trial by five women, each of whom 
swore to his identity as the man who had swindled her; a handwriting 
expert testified onder oath that the letters written by the real 
culprit were in Beck's handwriting; two prison officials wrongly 
identified Beck as a previously convicted man Smith who was 
afterwards proved to be the real perpetrator of the crimes for which 
Beck was found guilty. Rarely has evidence been so overwhelming as it 
was in this case, yet Beck was subsequently discovered to be 
absolutely innocent. "There is no shadow of foundation," stated the 
official report, "for any of the charges made against Beck," and the 
Home Office awarded him 5,000 pound compensation. Yet it took Adolf 
Beck nine years to establish his innocence.

More recent studies are summarized in Robert Buckhout, "Eyewitness 
Testimony," Scientific American, Dec. 1974.

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