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RE: [bn-basic] <<ROUNDS AND ROOT RACES>>

Mar 12, 2002 06:01 AM
by dalval14

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Tuesday, March 12, 2002


Dear Friends:

ROUNDS are vast periods of time. So also are GLOBES and RACES.

Here is one set of explanations to try to make this clear.

The mass of Human Monads (Egos) pass 7 times through 7 stages.
These stages correspond in terms of the TIME needed for
developmental opportunity, to the 7 "principles" of Nature and of
Man. [ see table in S D II p 596 -- Kosmic principles compared
to Human principles ]

The whole of manifestation for any one World (and its humanity)
is divided into 7 of these periods. Each of these is a time
period named ROUND, and those are further sub-divided into 7
periods of time called "Globes."

Now, this is also to be considered: each "GLOBE" also serves
another function -- somewhat like our class-rooms in an organized
School -- they mark the progress of humanity's developing
consciousness. During the week (in this illustration) the group
of pupils after one class -- say in Mathematics room, moves as a
group over the History class-room. And when the week's lesson is
learned there, again, as a group, they move over to the Geography
class-room. Then to Science, Chemistry, Physics, and so to the
English department, and so on, etc... The word ROUND was selected
because Humanity as a mass circles 7 times through the stages
(also 7) which are designated GLOBES. Each round has 7 Globes --
or subjects, or qualities of character, psychologically, to be
learned and experienced on the path that leads to graduation --
which has been called SUPREME PERFECTION.

Each "GLOBE" represents the 7 stages during each Round where (in
Humanity) a specific quality of character and power is developed
by each Monad (Ego) through multiple experiences, which we call
repeated births or Reincarnation.

In other words the GLOBES may be said to represent (in terms of
consciousness) [ see Diagram on S D I 200 ]

a	The ideal
b The Intellectual
c	The Psychic
d	The Physical or Material where Consciousness is personalized
and encased in a form provided by Nature and, then a further
altering factor makes for personal alterations induced by its
Free-willed choices -- resulting in personal Karma. [This is our
current stage.] And, naturally we find ourselves living each in
one's own self-made environment (parts of which are shared in a
broader context with our family, friends, community, nation, the
world and Universe, as a whole.

The reason for this is that there are 7 distinct faculties
(qualities of character and experience) or "principles" which
need such a great period for the whole of humanity and Nature to
interact and secure the highest development of these. It is a
part of the Soul's development towards SUPREME PERFECTION. Put
in other words: the Spirit in Man descends into matter, by
passing through the intellectual and psychic planes (which in
terms of TIME are called "GLOBES") -- S D I 181. Every time
that Humanity passes through such a stage it garners and, then
continues to have available for use the qualities and lessons
that experience there provided it with.

Therefore you will find that every MONAD ( Atma-Buddhi-Manas )
goes through this slow meticulously careful learning and
experiencing process as explained in S D Vol I (One ought to
read this as it is an account of the History of our world's
evolution, and a record, in general, of what we were doing then,
as Immortal Pilgrims working in and through the matter of those
early stages,

Let me here offer my own speculations on the "Future" Rounds 5,
6, and 7 Looking at the diagram on S D I p. 200 on the left
side of the page, we see that the GLOBES are paired.

A descent corresponds to G ascent
B "	"	to	F	ascent
C	"	" to	E	ascent

E	is alone -- the balance position

1.	The picture of our PAST is of the descent of Spirit into
Matter during the first 3 ROUNDS

a. Spiritual or IDEAL	Round 1
b Intellectual or the Planning mind-stage	Round 2
c Psychic or the plane of "desires" - astral Round 3

2	d PHYSICAL FORM stage -- our PRESENT	Round 4
[Spirit encased in a physical form]

3	The FUTURE for all will be the spiritualization of experience

e Spiritualized astral -- Akasic -- pure matter	Round 5
f Cooperation with universal LAW -- harmlessness
Universal Knowledge - "Desire eliminated"	Round 6
g Universal WISDOM --UNITY with the Divine Man	Round 7
Service and assistance to all creatures

Thus you will see that the scheme outlined in Theosophy has to be
one in which the free Individual Ego (Monad) becomes individually
WISE. Everything in Nature depends on the ultimate development
of an embodiment of one of the aspects of the UNIVERSAL MIND
(Mahat) its active agent being FOHAT, or intelligent
electricity -- Jiva -- the universalized Life energy now encased
in a pure form (Buddhi), that exists in continuous contact with
all such "pure forms" (Buddhas)

Thereafter ITS wisdom, compassion, and organizing capacities are
donated to the service of the Universe, to the World he lives on,
to the humanity from which he emerges, and finally to all
evolving monads and creatures that make up his environment. He
becomes consciously one of Nature's CREATORS. ( see S D I 207 -
210 )

We use designations for these Sages such as Elder Brothers,
Mahatmas, Masters of Wisdom, Rishis, Bodhisattvas, Dhyanis ( or
Gnyanis -- the Wise ), Dhyan Chohans, Buddhas, etc...of which
there are numerous degrees of initiation and attainment, as they
pursue relentlessly the enormous work of serving as the
Professors and the Instructors -- the ILLUMINATED of the
Universe, the World, and of Humanity. Reading the pages of the
MAHATMA LETTERS makes this quite plain.

I trust this is now clearer.

In a time frame, we may say that if the great Evolutionary Cycle
is compared to a Year, and if the year is divided into seven
"months," each ROUND corresponds to one of these "months."

The time period of a "month" may then be arbitrarily divided into
7 weeks (or GLOBES).

Each of these "weeks" (Globes) has 7 "Days," and, thee "days"
correspond to the time needed to develop the perfections of
humanity as a group, which in Theosophy as been called a "RACE."

In turn the "Race" (Day) has 7 hours -- and these are the 7

This illustration should not be made rigid or materialized as the
terms are correspondences, given to us to make the scheme of 7 x
7 x 7 x 7 x 7 ... clearer.

Is this "Linear ?"

Some arrange the 7 "principles" in a line. But the scheme
outlined above sees that actually it is developed on a PLANE into
a surface of 7 x 7 = 49.

The next stage sees 7 x 7 x 7 or a CUBE of 343 parts all

>From this we may speculate that the 7-fold scheme has other
dimensions -- which are not yet made clear to us but which logic
says are needed. We may see in mathematics and physics that
there has been some development of recent years along those

If this is still not clear, then please ask some more,

Best wishes,



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Subject: [bn-basic] <<ROUNDS AND ROOT RACES>>

Peace and blessings-- I have recently read Besant's Riddle of
Life and
in it she speaks briefly on rounds and root still left
hanging as to how rounds "work". What I understand is there are 7
chained worlds linked in Man's evolution and we go from one world
to the
other in each of our three bodies and one completion of the
denotes a round. Is this correct?....Also, what planets or worlds
involved in this chain?

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