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Mar 11, 2002 08:34 PM
by dalval14


PART II - Intuition

Intuition at Manifestation's Beginning

"The Opened Eye of the Dangma"...[ these are ] Jivanmuktas,
Highest Adepts, Mahatmas...[ they employ the ] spiritual eye of
the seer [SD I 49fn] ...spiritual intuition, through which direct
and certain knowledge is obtainable...connected with the "3rd
eye" [ S D Vol. II p. 299 fn.]...the third 'eye' embraces
Eternity,"... [ S D II p. 302]...[what] the students of Occultism
ought to know is that the "third eye" is indissolubly connected
with the case of the Atlanteans it was precisely the
Spiritual which sinned, the Spirit element being still the
"Master" principle in man in those days. Thus it is in those
days that the heaviest Karma of the 5th Race was generated by our
Monads." SD 11 199 fn., 302 (see also S D II 585)

"...substance is not matter in metaphysics...this stuff Is
identified by Spiller with AEther..."this force-substance" is the
ever-active phenomenal positive aether--prakriti; while the
omnipresent, all pervading ether is the noumenon of the former,
the substratum of all or Akasa...Spiller exhibits more
intuition...AETHER, in Esotericism is the very quintessence of
all possible energy, and it is certainly to this universal agent
(composed of many agents) that all the manifestations of energy
in the material, psychic, and spiritual worlds are due." SD
I 508 (514)

[ intuition can understand a laya center ] Keely SD I 557

[ on the Jivas and the Monads--Souls of the Atoms--relation to
human consciousness ] SD I 619-20

"... the chief aspects of the Evolving Energy after
differentiation--the purely Spiritual, the intellectual, the
Psychic and the Physical--may be thus formulated as an invariable
law; a descent of Spirit into Matter equivalent to an ascent in
physical evolution; a re-ascent from the depths of materiality
towards its status quo ante with a corresponding dissipation of
concrete form and substance up to the laya state..."
SD I 620

"...the devas compelled to incarnate...the Fallen Angels
metaphorically...[ man is to find an answer in the sanctuary of
his own heart, in the innermost depths of his divine
intuitions ]" SD II 516
[Note: The karma of all beings of the past Manvantaras
of evolution
has caused the present system -- it is similar to
reincarnation. ]

[ "returning Nirvanees" ] SD II 79-80

[ infinite gradations of thought--apperception to perfect
consciousness ] SD I 627

Consciousness and Source of Intuition

"...Occultism, unlike modern Science, maintains that every atom
of matter, when once differentiated, becomes endowed with its own
kind of Consciousness. Every cell in the human body (as in every
animal) is endowed with its own peculiar discrimination,
instinct, and, speaking relatively, with intelligence."

"How is it that our eyes see a thousand things every hour and
still impress our "consciousness: with only a few of these things
?...What does this "consciousness" mean ? This "consciousness"
is simply our emotional nature, our 4th principle.

Suppose I have now a certain set of emotions, a certain portions
of my 4th principle is more active than the remaining portion.
If at that time my eyes mechanically look at certain things, and
if these things do not contain at that time the same set of
emotions that are agitating me--that is, if those things that my
eyes are set upon are not animated or agitated powerfully by
elementals or forces ...corresponding to my present
emotions--then I am said not to be impressed by those things
seen. I say I am not conscious of them, I am not interested in
them, I paid no attention to them. But it those things, on the
other hand, be agitated more or less powerfully by some of all of
the same emotions, then I more or less become conscious or
impressed by what the eyes saw...This is the law of attraction.

Similarly a number of thoughts pass now through my lower mind.
If those thoughts have not in them the same emotions that agitate
at present in my 4th principle, then I am said not to have
cognized these thoughts. How remarkable that the 4th principle,
which is just the center of all our nature, the very middle of
all our seven principles, three above and three below, should be
keynote to all attractions, pleasures and pain." -- HPB
[U L T ] Theosophical Articles & Notes 299-300

"Our "memory" is but a general agent, and its "tablets," with
their indelible impressions, but a figure of speech; the
"brain-tablets" serve only as a upadhi or a vahan (basis or
vehicle) for reflecting at a given moment the memory of one or
another thing. The records of past events, of every minutest
action, and of passing thoughts, in fact, are really impressed on
the imperishable waves of the Astral Light, around us and
everywhere, not in the brain alone; and these mental pictures,
images, and sounds, pass from these waves via the consciousness
of the present Ego or Mind (the lower Manas) whose grosser
essence is astral, into the "cerebral reflectors," so to say, of
our brain, whence they are delivered by the psychic to the
sensuous consciousness. This at every moment of the day, and
even during sleep. See "Psychic and Noetic Action,"
[HPB Articles, II 7-27 ]
[ also see SD II 24-5, 398, 598 ] Theos. Art. &
Notes, p. 209

"...Time...[is] the panoramic succession of our states of
consciousness..." S D I 44

"The divine conscience acts in all struggles for betterment, but
clouded more or less in each case by reason of education and
habit of thought; hence it varies in brightness. It is not
possible to make a hard-and-fast rule for finding out what is the
animating motive. If we are trying to get into a
better state, it is for us to decide if that be simply or wholly
selfish. All actions are surrounded by desire...So if we fix for
ourselves the rule that we will try to do the very best we can
for others, we will generally be led aright. If we rely on the
higher self and aspire to be guided by it, we will be led to the
right even if the road goes through pain, for sorrow and pain are
necessary for purification of the soul..." WQJ --
Forum Answers, 94

Intuition is Spiritual Perception

"...we assert that the appearance of the permanent and one
principle Spirit as matter is transient, and therefore no better
than an (blind) such as you advocate, (is) a
mental disease, and real faith is the pistis of the Greeks, as
belief based on knowledge...between faith on authority and faith
on one's spiritual intuition there is a very great
difference...One is human credulity and superstition the other
human belief and intuition... We believe in an ever unknowable
Principle (an) Intelligent power (s) to bring about the
extraordinary wise arrangement of all its (the Universe's)
parts." KEY 220-21

Intuition Apprehends the Infinite

"The faculty of apprehending the Infinite, not only in religion
but in all things; a power independent of sense and reason, a
power in a certain sense contradicted by sense and reason, but
yet a very real power which has held its own from the beginning
of the alone is able to overcome both sense and
reason. The faculty of Intuition--that which is entirely beyond
the scope of our modern biologists..." HPB ART II

Intuition and Conscience

Question: "Then you regard self-sacrifice as a duty?

Answer: "... altruism is an integral part of self-development.
But we have to is his duty to sacrifice his own
comfort and to work for others if they are unable to work for give all that which is wholly his own and can
benefit no one but himself if he selfishly keeps it from others.
Theosophy teaches self-abnegation but does not teach rash and
useless self-sacrifice...How are we to reach such an elevated
status?...By the use of our higher reason, spiritual intuition
and moral sense and by following the dictates of what we call
"the still small voice" of our conscience which is that of our
EGO..." KEY 240

"The voice of conscience may be said to be Manas guided by
Buddhi, but at the same time the Atman must also be concerned or
there would be no real spiritual basis and not rue certainty nor
justice in the moving influence of conscience. Call the voice of
conscience the voice of the Higher Self and you will be nearer
right, and certainly safer from falling into a mere intellectual
conception of the soundless Sound that is very difficult to
hear." WQJ -- Forum Answers 108

"Conscience seems to be a faculty which may be stilled or made
active...its source is in the Higher Self, and as it comes down
through plane after plane it loses its force or retains power
according to the life and education of the being on earth...By
this I do not mean that conscience is a matter of
education, but that the power of its utterances will be limited
by our education, and consequently if we have a bigoted religion
or a non-philosophical system we are likely to prevent ourselves
from hearing from our conscience. And in those cases where men
are doing wrong according to what they call their conscience, it
must be true that they have so warped their intuition as not to
understand the voice of the inward monitor." WQJ-- Forum
Answers 88-89 [see Voice, pp 78-9]

Intuition and Discipline -- Purification and Development

"How is intuition to be developed ?... First by giving it
exercise, and 2nd. by not using it for purely personal
ends...establishing conscience on a right basis by following the
golden rule we give play to the intuition and add to its
strength...the Self is the only reality. The brain must be given
larger views of life as by the study of the doctrine of
reincarnation, since that gives a limitless field to the
possibilities in store...(be) unselfish all the duties
that Karma has given us and thus intuition will point out the
road of duty." WQJ Art. I 432

"The final perceiver or judge of perception is in Manas, in the
Self, and therefore the final tribunal is clouded by the astral
perception if one is not so far trained or initiated as to know
the difference and able to tell the true from the false...(seeing
in the astral light)...a tendency to dwell on this subtle
sense-perception, which will at last cause an atrophy of manas
for the time being...the Ego must find its basis and not be
swept off hither and thither...the confusion of the Ego by
introducing strange things to it before the time." WQJ Art. I

"Intuition must be developed and the matter judged from the true
philosophical basis, for if it is contrary to true general rules
it is wrong. It has to be known from a deep and profound
analysis by which we find out what is from egotism alone and what
is not; if it is due to egotism then it is not from the spirit
and is untrue. The power to know does not come from book study
nor from mere philosophy but mostly from the actual practice of
altruism in deed word and thought; for that practice purifies
the covers of the soul and permits that light to shine down into
the brain-mind. As the brain-mind is the receiver in the waking
state it has to be purified from sense-perception and the truest
way to do this is by combining philosophy with the highest
outward and inward virtue..." WQJ Art. I 432

" work unselfishly for humanity--while striving to get rid
of the strength of the personal idea. The ways of doing this are
left to his own intuition entirely inasmuch as the object is to
develop that intuition and to bring him to self-knowledge." WQJ
Letters, p. 53

"...the heart doctrine [is]...designed to awaken the Buddhic
that of Intuition the only means by which the light can come to
Each one has to make his own connection with the higher planes,
and Those who
live in higher realms..."when the materials are ready the
Architect will appear." So our work must be to get the material
ready and that means to get rid of the purely personal bias by
making Theosophy a living power in our lives." F P, p. 9

"It is our belief in the Self, in Masters; it is the little
flame of intuition we have allowed to burn and that we have
fostered with care." WQJ Letters, P. 57

"The first step is sacrifice...a surer sense of truth than any
manner of reasoning. This is the action of Buddhi--direct
cognition--the goal to which all right philosophy and life
leads...The great result would be to have the continuous
cooperation of Manas and Buddhi--higher mind and spiritual
knowledge; to work as the god-man, perfect in all his
parts...the Doctrine of the Heart (VOICE, p. 25, 29) is the
spiritual consciousness of the EGO not perceived by the brain
consciousness until right thought and right action...attune
certain centers in the brain in accord with the spiritual
vibration...what is desirable is the awakening of the spiritual
consciousness the intuition--Buddhi--and this cannot be done
unless the thoughts are turned that way with power and purpose.
F P, p. 13

[ state of Karmic pay-offs until]..."man's spiritual intuitions
are fully opened, which will not happen before we cast off our
thick coats of matter ] "...until we begin acting from within
instead of ever following impulses from without..." SD I

" such food as will least clog and weight their brains and
bodies and will have the smallest effect in hampering and
retarding the development of their intuition, their inner
faculties and powers." KEY 261

Testing the Intuition

"...testing those utterances by our internal
voice--a silent monitor--...strikes within us the bell that
corresponds to truth....which will not be vibrated except by
those words and propositions which are in themselves true...The
inner monitor has struck them and we feel that he has said what
is true...we feel the power of the vibration and the value of the
words we have heard...It is a common heritage of man and only
needs unselfish effort to develop it...a knowledge of the real
meaning of sacred books. is one of the first steps in
knowing ourselves and understanding others. " WQJ Art. II

" from mental encumbrances using your judgment always to
check your intuitions until in the course of time you come to a
direct perception of truth..." F P, p. 29

(inner authority of one's self-developed intuition use of slavish following of any person...)
F P, p. 109

"Each one has to know for vicarious
atonement"...(hope and responsibility) F P, p.

"...unless skepticism and our present natural ignorance are
equilibrated by intuition and a natural spirituality...[ the end
result is materialism ]" SD I 480

Priesthood and Intuition

"[Church dogmatism] created the God-slandering dogma of Hell
and eternal perdition; it spread a thick film between the Higher
Intuitions of man and divine verities; and a most pernicious
result of all, it made people remain ignorant of the fact that
there were no fiends, no dark demons in the Universe before man's
own appearance on this and probably other earths." SD II 484

Materialism and Intuition

"...the killing materialism of the age...freezes intuition..." SD
II 520

Using the Intuition

"This work [S.D.] withholds far more than it gives out, the
student is invited to use his own intuition." SD I

"We hold to Hermes and his Wisdom--in its universal character;
they--to Aristotle as against intuition and the experience of the
ages..." SD I 279

[ Rig Veda teachings: harmonious intuition to be used ] SD II

"You will always find victory over evil thoughts most practicable
if they are grappled with on first appearance and before making
headway. It is for their reception and not for their appearance
that one is responsible..."I cannot prevent birds from flying
over my head, but I can prevent their making nests in my hair."
There is much in this." WQJ--PRACTICAL OCCULTISM., p. 68

"Prayer opens the spiritual sight of man, for prayer is desire,
and desire develops the will... Every human being is born with
the rudiment of the inner sense called intuition, which may be
developed into what the Scotch knew as "second sight." Isis I

Consciousness when Sleeping

"...'Seership'...does not come up to the level of Sushupti, which
is the dreamless sleep in which the mystic's highest
consciousness --composed of his highest intellectual and ethical
faculties--hunts for and seizes any knowledge he may be in need
of. In this state the mystic's lower nature is at rest
(paralyzed); only his highest nature roams into the ideal world
in quest of food. By lower nature, I mean his physical, astral
or psychic, lower emotional and intellectual principles,
including the lower fifth [Manas]. Yet even the knowledge
obtained during the Sushupti state must be regarded, from this
plane, as theoretical and liable to be mixed with falsehood and
with the preconception of the mystic's ordinary waking state, as
compared with the true knowledge acquired during the several
initiations..." Theos. Articles & Notes, 213 [ see also
HPB - Transactions pp. 58-78 ]

Consciousness and the Kamic Principle -- Attention

"The "Absolute Consciousness," ..."behind" only
termed unconsciousness in the absence of any element of
personality...transcends human conception...Only the liberated
Spirit is able to faintly realize the nature of the source whence
it sprung and whither it must eventually return...we can but bow
in ignorance before the awful mystery of Absolute Being...the
Finite cannot conceive the Infinite..." S D I 51

Consciousness and Free-Will

"Every atom is endowed with and moved by intelligence, and is
conscious in its own degree, on its own plane of development.
This is a glimpse of the One Life... selfishness is the curse of
separateness..." WQJ ART I 29

"Every man has a god within, a direct ray from the Absolute, the
celestial ray from the One..." TRANSACTIONS, p. 53
[BLAVATSKY: Collected Works (TPH) Vol. X]

"Free-will can only exist in a man who has both mind and
consciousness, which act and make him perceive things both within
and without himself."

"Consciousness is a condition of the monad as a result of
embodiment in matter and the dwelling in a physical form."

"...the one free force acts, helped in this by that portion of
its essence which we call imprisoned force, or material
molecules. The worker within, the inherent force, ever tends to
unite with its parent essence without; and thus, the Mother
acting within, causes the Web to contract; and the Father acting
without, to expand. Science calls this gravitation; Occultists,
the work of the universal Life-Force, which radiates from that
Absolute and Unknowable FORCE which is outside of all Space and
Time. This is the work of eternal Evolution and involution, or
expansion and contraction. [ Web cooling ] begins when the
imprisoned force and intelligence inherent in every atom of
differentiated as well as of homogeneous matter arrives at a
point when both become the slaves of a higher intelligent Force
whose mission is to guide and shape it.

It is the Force which we call the divine Free-Will, represented
by the Dhyani-Buddhas. When the centrepetal and centrifugal
forces of life and being are subjected by the one nameless Force
which brings order in disorder, and establishes harmony in
Chaos--then it begins cooling...Every form, we are told, is built
in accordance with the model traced for it in the Eternity and
reflected in the DIVINE MIND. There are hierarchies of "Builders
of form," and series of forms and degrees, from the highest to
the lowest. While the former are shaped under the guidance of
the "Builders," the gods, "Cosmocratores;" the latter are
fashioned by the Elementals or Nature Spirits."
TRANSACTIONS, 128-9 Universal Consciousness
and its 7 Differentiations

"...Whenever you are able to attune your consciousness to any of
the seven chords of 'Universal Consciousness,' those chords that
run along the sounding-board of Kosmos, vibrating from one
Eternity to another; when you have studied thoroughly 'the music
of the Spheres [ the 7 principles of Nature and of man and their
correlations ]," then only will you become quite free to share
your knowledge with those with whom it is safe to do so...Do not
give out the great Truths that are the inheritance of the future
Races, to our present generation. Do not attempt to unveil the
secret of being and non-being to those unable to see the hidden
meaning of Apollo's HEPTACHORD--the lyre of the radiant god, in
each of the seven strings of which dwelleth the Spirit, Soul and
Astral body of the Kosmos, whose shell only has now fallen into
the hands of Modern Science..." SD I 167


best wishes,



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