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Origin of Karma

Mar 11, 2002 08:34 PM
by dalval14

Monday, March 11, 2002

Re: Does a great LAW of the Universe which tends to balance
differences and
induce Harmony exist?
What force or forces support the many aspects of LIFE
Is Karma only relative to a single human life or does
it involve others ?

Dear Friends:

In recent weeks we have tried to discuss the nature of Karma,
which is of several levels as it permeates every level of
manifestation (7) from the SPIRITUAL to the MATERIAL. From the
Universal to the personal life of a human being as it guides and
directs his Ego through the many forms and bodies of experience

The following extracts from The SECRET DOCTRINE, and elsewhere in
original Theosophical literature may help:

Source of Consciousness and Intelligence

"The one Life permeates All. Here it may be added that
consciousness and intelligence also permeate All. These three
are inherent potentially everywhere...The differentiation which
results in individualization is not yet complete...although
consciousness and intelligence exist everywhere, all objects are
not conscious or intelligent. The latent potentiality when
developed to the stage of individualization by the Law of Cosmic
Evolution, separates the subject from the object, or rather the
subject falls into Upadhi [ vehicle or form ], and a state of
personal consciousness or intelligence is realized.

But the absolute consciousness and intelligence which has no
Upadhi cannot be conscious or intelligent, for there is no
duality, nothing to wake intelligence or to be conscious of.
Hence the Upanishads say that Parabrahm has no consciousness, no
intelligence, for these states can be cognized by us only on
account of our individualization, while we can have, from our
differentiated and personal state, no conception of the
undifferentiated, non-dualistic consciousness or intelligence.

If there were no consciousness or intelligence in Nature, it were
absurd to speak of the Law of Karma or every cause producing its
corresponding effect, the Mahatma, in one of the letters
published in the Occult World, says that matter is
indestructible, but inquires whether the modern Scientist can
tell why it is that Nature consciously prefers that matter should
remain indestructible under organic rather than inorganic
forms...And this is why selfishness, which is the result of a
strong sense of personality, is detrimental to spiritual
progress..." -- Damodar. K. Mavlankar Theos. Articles & Notes,

"Cosmic Ideation focused in a principle or upadhi
(basis)...through the more finely differentiated fabric (6th
state of matter) of the Buddhi resting on the experience of Manas
as its basis--as a stream of spiritual intuition." S D I 329

"The true student of Raja Yoga knows that everything has its
origin in the mind; that even this universe is the passing
before the Divine Mind of the images he desires to appear."

"At the commencement of a great Manvantara, Parabrahm manifests
as Mulaprakriti [root-matter] and then as the Logos
["Word"-thought-plan]. This Logos is equivalent to the
"Unconscious Universal Mind," etc., of Western Pantheists. It
constitutes the Basis of the SUBJECT-side of manifested Being,
and is the source of all manifestations of individual

Mulaprakriti or Primordial Cosmic Substance, is the foundation of
the OBJECT-side of things--the basis of all objective evolution
and Cosmogenesis.

Force, then, does not emerge with Primordial Substance from
Parabrahmic Latency. It is the transformation into energy of the
supra-conscious thought of the Logos, infused, so to speak, into
the objectivization of the latter out of potential latency in the
One Reality.

Hence spring the wondrous laws of matter...Force succeeds
Mulaprakriti; but, minus Force, Mulaprakriti is for all
practical intents and purposes non-existent." SD II 24-5
(see also M L 89-91)

"Esoteric philosophy teaches that everything lives and is
conscious, but not that all life and consciousness are similar to
those of human or even animal beings. Life we look upon as "the
one form of existence," manifesting in what is called matter;
or, as in man, incorrectly separating them, we name Spirit, Soul
and Matter. Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul
on this plane of existence, and soul is the vehicle on a higher
plane for the manifestation of spirit, and these three are a
trinity synthesized by Life, which pervades them all. The idea
of universal life is one of those ancient conceptions which are
returning to the human mind in this century as a consequence of
its liberation from anthropomorphic theology."
S D I 49

"This desire for a sentient life shows itself in everything, from
an atom to a sun, and is a reflection of the Divine Thought
propelled into objective existence, into a law that the Universe
should exist...the real cause of that supposed desire, and of all
existence, remains for ever hidden, and its first emanations are
the most complete abstractions mind can conceive. [which]... must
of necessity be postulated as the cause of the material Universe
which presents itself to the senses and intellect...It is
impossible to conceive of anything without a cause...metaphysical
abstractions...are the only conceivable cause of physical
concretions." S D I 44-5 (see also S D II

"...the one free force acts, helped in this by that portion of
its essence which we call imprisoned force, or material
molecules. The worker within, the inherent force, ever tends to
unite with its parent essence without; and thus, the Mother
acting within, causes the Web to contract; and the Father acting
without, to expand. Science calls this gravitation; Occultists,
the work of the universal Life-Force, which radiates from that
Absolute and Unknowable FORCE which is outside of all Space and
Time. This is the work of eternal Evolution and involution, or
expansion and contraction. [ Web cooling ] begins when the
imprisoned force and intelligence inherent in every atom of
differentiated as well as of homogeneous matter arrives at a
point when both become the slaves of a higher intelligent Force
whose mission is to guide and shape it.

It is the Force which we call the divine Free-Will, represented
by the Dhyani-Buddhas. When the centrepetal and centrifugal
forces of life and being are subjected by the one nameless Force
which brings order in disorder, and establishes harmony in
Chaos--then it begins cooling...Every form, we are told, is built
in accordance with the model traced for it in the Eternity and
reflected in the DIVINE MIND. There are hierarchies of "Builders
of form," and series of forms and degrees, from the highest to
the lowest. While the former are shaped under the guidance of
the "Builders," the gods, "Cosmocratores;" the latter are
fashioned by the Elementals or Nature Spirits."

"...modes of communication between the Spiritual and human
consciousness ...? To what do you attribute intuition the "voice
of the conscience," premonitions...reminiscences...?" KEY

"The final perceiver or judge of perception is in Manas, in the
Self, and therefore the final tribunal is clouded by the astral
perception if one is not so far trained or initiated as to know
the difference and able to tell the true from the false...(seeing
in the astral light)...a tendency to dwell on this subtle
sense-perception, which will at last cause an atrophy of manas
for the time being...the Ego must find its basis and not be
swept off hither and thither...the confusion of the Ego by
introducing strange things to it before the time." WQJ
Art. I 431

"The universal force cannot be regarded as a conscious force as
we understand the word consciousness, because it would
immediately become a personal god. It is only that which is
enclosed in a form, a limitation of matter, which is conscious of
itself on this plane. This Free Force or Will, which is
limitless and absolute, cannot be said to act understandingly,
but it is the one and sole immutable Law of Life and Being.
Fohat, therefore, is spoken of as the synthetic motor power of
all imprisoned life-forces and the medium between the absolute
and conditioned Force. It is a link, just as Manas is the
connecting link between the gross matter of the physical body and
the divine Monad which animates it, but is powerless to act upon
the former directly." HPB -- TRANSACTIONS, p, 134
(BLAVATSKY: Collected Works (TPH) Vol X) (see "Psychic and
Noetic Action" - HPB ART II 7-23)

"...Buddhi and Atma...These higher principles are entirely
inactive on our plane, and the higher Ego (Manas) itself is more
or less dormant during the waking of the physical man....So
dormant are the Spiritual faculties, because the Ego is so
trammeled by matter, that It can hardly give all its attention to
man's actions, even should the latter commit sins for which that
Ego--when reunited with its lower Manas--will have to suffer
conjointly in the future. It is...the impressions projected into
the physical man by this Ego which constitute what we call
"conscience;" and in proportion as the personality, the lower
Soul (or Manas), unites itself to its higher consciousness, or
EGO, does the action of the latter upon the life of mortal man
become more marked." HPB -- TRANSACTIONS, 62-3

" is the higher Manas illuminated by Buddhi; the principle
of self-consciousness, the "I-am-I"...It is the Karana-Sarira,
the immortal man, which passes from one incarnation to another."

"There is a sort of conscious telegraphic communication going on
incessantly, day and night, between the physical brain and the
inner man...the consciousness of the sleeper is not active but
passive. The inner man, however, the real Ego, acts
independently during the sleep of the body...Read "Karmic
Visions" [ HPB ART I, 382 ]...and note the description of the
real Ego, sitting as a spectator of the life of the hero..."

"...the Logos or Word is called incarnate wisdom. "Light shining
in darkness." The distinction lies between the immovable or
eternal immutable All, and the movable Speech or Logos, i.e., the
periodical and manifested. It can relate to the universal and
the manifested. It can relate to the Universal, and to the
individual mind, to Mahat, or to the Higher Manas, or even to the
lower, the Kama Manas or Brain-Mind. Because that which is
desire, instinctive impulse in the lower, becomes thought in the
Higher. The former finds expression in acts, the latter in
words. Esoterically, thought is more responsible and punishable
than act. But exoterically it is the reverse. Therefore, in
ordinary human law, an assault is more severely punished than the
thought or intention, i.e., the threat, whereas Karmically it is
the contrary." TRANSACTIONS, 142
[ see M L 89-91 on development of consciousness in the
Life-Atom ]

"The matter-moving Nous, the animating Soul, immanent in every
atom, manifested in man, latent in the stone, has different
degrees of power; and this pantheistic idea of a general
spirit-Soul pervading all Nature is the oldest of all the
philosophical notions." S D I 51


Best wishes,



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