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Re: Theos-World Re:To Larry - Krishnamurti

Mar 12, 2002 06:03 AM
by Larry F Kolts

Yes, that's a good fit. You say it took you quite a while to figure out
was K was saying. I found that I was not able to actually accomplish the
things K speks of. I understand intellectually but when it comes to
actual doing, there's been something missing. For instance, I can't "see
the tree" without the mental picture of "tree" coming to mind. I
understand what he says about the "observer and the observed" and that
"the word is not the thing" but I can't dispel the image. What I HAVE
found useful in K's teachings is the concept of the distorted mental
image we have of people based on past experience. I have tried living
more in the present. But in general I find it all rather difficult. Then
again, it seems like most of K's listeners were that way and K himself
was expressing much frustration towards the end because few were able to
achieve the transformation he spoke of for all those years.


On Mon, 11 Mar 2002 23:30:54 -0600 writes:
> Thanks, Larry.
> I have been around both theosophy and K for several years. It took 
> quite a 
> while for me to see what K was trying to say for 60 or more years.
> All the nitty gritty stuff that one finds in theosophical 
> literature, no 
> matter how true they may be, are just second hand stuff until such 
> time 
> that we can have first hand experience and understanding. All of it 
> are the 
> description of the reality which it would be impossible to fully 
> describe 
> and explain.
> On the other hand, it appears that we need to understand the urgency 
> of the 
> current problems faced by human beings and what K was trying to 
> explain 
> that when one sees the problems as they are without being distorted 
> by our 
> prejudices, preconceived opinions and bookish knowledge, then the 
> solution 
> lies within the problem itself. (I can personally vouch for this 
> even in 
> the mundane world of business, the many times when I am faced with a 
> complex business problem, once I clearly understand the problem, I 
> always 
> have come up with a very direct and simple solution).
> So this emphasis on current action is what K has been emphasizing 
> all along 
> and his view is that when an individual does understand the current 
> human 
> problems that itself spurs the person into action which causes a 
> mutation 
> in the individual and such change, K contends can take place 
> instantaneously, not incrementally. He also has repeatedly stated 
> that even 
> if one person makes such mutation, he would he satisfied that his 
> life long 
> work is accomplished.
> Another aspect that approach highlights is the importance of a human 
> being 
> and how even a single individual can change the world, and indeed 
> single 
> individuals have effected far reaching changes in the history of the 
> world.
> In all his talks, he has always discussed how we can go into various 
> issues 
> as friends -- unlike the teacher and the taught model; and this is a 
> radical approach in matters of spiritual; and this fits into the 
> current 
> model of democracy which is slowly spreading around the world.
> So much for now! More later!!!
> Disclaimer: Don't ask me to quote chapter and verse on any of the 
> stuff 
> above. Sorry, I presenting them from my memory.

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