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RE: Theos-World Theosophical inquiry?

Mar 06, 2002 10:14 AM
by dalval14

Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Dear Terrie:

Thanks for assembling the subject list that you have published.

What I add here is for you to use as you see fit. I did not want
it on Theos-talk until you had read it and asked any questions
you wanted. If you think it worthwhile then use it and publish

I would say that Brig M. is quite misguided and does not show the
true spirit of an impartial investigator seeking information.
She has been offensive and inaccurate; and also her references
are not very trustworthy. She also seems to be sly and
secretive. Her motives are quite unclear, but they do not
resemble those of a true investigator or student, more in the
nature of an "inquisitor" with a prejudged position.

Any one who has reviewed the flow of posts will have noticed that
wiser persons than I have said this: Prof. MacDonald and Mr.
Daniel Caldwell (who is President of the Blavatsky Trust).

I have characterized the whole affair as "disgusting." Because
of the inherent ignorance and prejudice which is apparent to me.

If one does not know about THEOSOPHY its main tenets,
propositions, history, fundamentals and its objectives, then it
is futile to characterize it fairly, without prejudice and
intelligently. I do not see those qualities in what B M has
published. If she is well intentioned she has a strange way of
showing it.

Permit me to observe that there are several types of
psychological attitudes.

1. Receptive of information. but unquestioning.

2. Receives information but doubts its accuracy.

3. Suspects that any information is biased and faulty.
Suspects any and all reports that are "virtuous."

4. Believes all information is deliberately misrepresented
and fraudulent.

5. Believes that only one person has the TRUTH and all
others lie and conceal.

6. Believes that one's mission is to destroy, misrepresent,
reject all information that points to virtuous motives.

7. Destruction as a duty, is an exaggeration without
considering any extenuation or contrary evidence.

In the case of H P B. It becomes a personal attack. She
evidently is quite unfamiliar with her biography

1. Her psychic powers do not exist, or are fraudulent. No
evidence to the contrary is to be considered or admitted.

2. Her knowledge and erudition is viewed entirely as
plagiarism from contemporary or earlier writers. At best it is a
collage of others' works.

3. All her writings are dangerously deviant and unhealthy to
consider, hence are not studied by the critic. Any logic
relevant to her writings is illogic. All motives are suspect.

4. The Masters of Wisdom were created by her and do not

5. All testimony and reports are the result of being either
psychologized or defrauded, or they did not actually happen.

6. All friends and complimentary reports are the result of
their being deluded, and their powers of observation being
obscured or impaired

7. No ethics or moral base exists in her nature.

In the case of THEOSOPHY. It is quite evidently an unknown and
unstudied matter.

1. The critic has not studied THEOSOPHY extensively and
hence has no idea of what it deals with.

2. The critic views Theosophy with apparent prejudice, as a
dangerous system, and has decided it ought to be eradicated by
the calumny and slander directed (without adequate proof) at its
originator H P B.

3. As Theosophy is judged dangerous it is necessary to
attack it indirectly.

What does THEOSOPHY consist of as a basic approach?

1. It declares the omnipresence of "GOD-DEITY" as a
universal SPIRITUAL quality and states that all beings and forms
have in themselves an aspect of this omnipresent Deity.

Pantheism is a fact. It states that spiritual potential resides
at the core of all "Matter."

Universal intelligence and consciousness are facts. Hence the
diversity of form as a manifestation of the experience of the
unit as it progresses. All such Units are spiritually immortal
and physically continually changing and being renovated by the
constant exchange of life-atoms and the eventual disintegration
of every "form" into components which thereupon attach themselves
(under law) to other structures.

It is symbolized by universal SPACE. It is limitless, contains
all, and provides the "field" for all aspects of evolution from
the lowly "atom" to the greatest of UNIVERSES, from the idiot to
the wisest of men.

Every force, energy, motive is referable to this One motivating

2. The Universe is guided and operates under a set of rules
and laws that are uniform and undeviating.

They are sensitive to all moral and ethical as well as to all
physical, emotional, psychological and intellectual choice.

LAW is symbolized by Solomon's Seal -- the 7 pointed star of
cooperative independence within the confines of a cooperative

The whole program of living is involved in a vast plan and
program of cooperative evolution which is designed to produce
WISDOM in every part of Nature, and in all beings. It operated
with and through the MIND and thinking capacity.

It is impersonal and impartial in operation and strives to
encourage excellence in all possible ways.

3. Evolution is an unbroken field of experience (where a
material vehicle provides a basis for the intelligence and the
spiritual CAUSE to reside) -- that exists throughout the

It commences with the melding of the highest SPIRITUAL ESSENCE
with the most basic and primitive aspect of pure MATTER (the

Hence every change of form is the result (and not the cause) of
increments in individual intelligence.

Its conclusion ( I mean "Goal") is WISDOM IN ACTION, or, the
actual focusing of Universal SPIRIT within an individual.

Matter is thus spiritualized and individualized.

4. Mankind is evidence of this evolution having reached the
condition where Spiritual intelligence and material instinct

The Human mind bridges the gap and gives each human an
independence, and a freedom to choose their own future progress
within the limits of SPACE and of LAW.

Reincarnation is the obvious process whereby the deathless
Spiritual soul that is the real Man may progressively meet with
all experiences and learn to guide his future through choices
that harmonize with Nature's Laws and processes.

This does NOT make of man a "creature." It ennobles his
potential and makes of the GOD-LIKE in every way. The "goal" for
every human Mind is SUBLIME PERFECTION. That is a graduation
into the UNIVERSE of SPIRITUAL WISDOM. [ Living examples of
these successes are to be seen and known in the "Masters of
Wisdom" who are our "Elder Brothers."]


I am afraid that this attempt at making some statements may be
very faulty indeed, but also it may have the merit of stimulating
thought along those lines.

The details you enumerate will be found to fit in these points I

Best wishes,



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From: Terrie Halprin
Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2002 8:13 AM
Subject: Re: Theosophical inquiry?


Wow! Sorry, this list of (my understanding of) Bri.'s
research and/or proofs/nonproofs sure got
garbled/garbled - let me try it again:


1. Plagiarizing from the past.

2. Magician crafted trickeries.

3. Spiritual/social fraud.

4. Assoc. with Illum, ties with Hitler.

5. Historical "make-believe."


1. Original Related Materials.

2. Related Phn./Magics.

3. Related Masters.

4. True "spiritual" lineage.

5. Personal/"group" historical accounts.

Have a BEAUTIFUL day,



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