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Re: Theos-World Theosophical inquiry?

Mar 07, 2002 03:40 PM
by Dennis Kier


I think you have it down pretty well here. I am getting real tired of
Bri's constant misunderstanding and misinterperting the writings of
everyone concerned with HPB, and her constant accusations and never
answering questions that the knowledgable people put to her.

I may have found a solution for all that, in my case. I use Microsoft
OE browser for mail, and under the heading tab of "Message", there is
a section where you can enter a person's "from" line, (their name) and
an action to take, like "delete", and I should never see Bri's
messages again.

Of course, I will see the replies that others make to her. In the old
days before the internet, on the computer telephone Bulletin Board
network, this was called a "Twit Filter".

Others might consider doing the same.


> I would say that Brig M. is quite misguided and does not show the
> true spirit of an impartial investigator seeking information.
> She has been offensive and inaccurate; and also her references
> are not very trustworthy. She also seems to be sly and
> secretive. Her motives are quite unclear, but they do not
> resemble those of a true investigator or student, more in the
> nature of an "inquisitor" with a prejudged position.
> Any one who has reviewed the flow of posts will have noticed that
> wiser persons than I have said this: Prof. MacDonald and Mr.
> Daniel Caldwell (who is President of the Blavatsky Trust).
> I have characterized the whole affair as "disgusting." Because
> of the inherent ignorance and prejudice which is apparent to me.
> If one does not know about THEOSOPHY its main tenets,
> propositions, history, fundamentals and its objectives, then it
> is futile to characterize it fairly, without prejudice and
> intelligently. I do not see those qualities in what B M has
> published. If she is well intentioned she has a strange way of
> showing it.

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