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Re: Theos-World To ramadoss@g...

Mar 06, 2002 09:48 AM
by ramadoss

As a further followup, there is a Krishnamurti mailling list - listening-l, where someone else may have more info on this issue.


At 10:12 AM 3/5/02 -0500, you wrote:
On Thu, 28 Feb 2002 07:54:15 -0000 "bri_mue" <> writes:
> What did Krishnamurti say about the Theosophical Masters.
> Pls bring some actual quotes.
> Bri.

I have thus far limited my discussions to areas in which I feel I have
above average knowledge. I am certainly not an expert on K, but have read
a dozen or so book on his life or compilations of his talks. We also have
thirteen tapes of his talks.

As your question goes basically unanswered to this point, I thought I
would venture what little I can share on the issue.

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