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RE: Theos-World Re: just another genuine approach

Mar 02, 2002 02:18 AM
by dalval14

Friday, March 01, 2002

Re: EYE and HEART Doctrines.

Dear Friends:

If one desires to find what H.P.Blavatsky says using the mystical
and symbolic language of the ancient inner Schools (see ISIS
UNVEILED Vol. II, pp. 98-103) -- about the HEART DOCTRINE in the
VOICE OF THE SILENCE, it starts with the 2nd Fragment: THE TWO

We should also recall that from the outset H P B states in her
preface to that book, that the VOICE OF THE SILENCE is based on
the mysterious and ancient STANZAS of the BOOK OF DZYAN.

In other words it springs from the same source as The SECRET

Further, that DZYAN ( also spelt in a number of ways: Gnyan, Jan,
Zen, Dhyana, Jnana, etc...) Was recorded in Senzar, the ancient,
universal secret sacerdotal tongue -- and apparently there were
(or are) Sanskrit versions of it. Research has so far not
reveled those sources.

In my copy of the book ( Voice) it begins on p. 25.

The material offered is phrased in the veiled language used to
teach disciples of the mystical and ethical relations between the
Spiritual Wisdom of ancient experience, and the Head knowledge
resident in our brain-mind of this incarnation.

The discourse continues, and on p. 27 we find:

"Before thou takest thy first step, learn to discern the real
from the false, the ever-fleeting from the ever-lasting. Learn
above all to separate Head-learning from Soul-wisdom, the "Eye,"
from the "Heart" doctrine."

The potential future for each human soul is spoken of in these
terms ( p. 28-9) :--

"Shun ignorance and likewise shun illusion. Avert thy face from
world deceptions; mistrust thy senses; they are false. But
within thy body--the shrine of thy sensations--seek in the
Impersonal for the "Eternal Man;" and having sought him out, look
inward; thou art Buddha."

We should remember that "Buddhi" (wisdom) is the 6th of the 7
human "principles." It is innate to every human. It is the
accumulated experience of many millions of years and lives of
experience in all the forms that constitute the evolutionary
process up to now for us. Buddhi is thus the bridge between
Manas (embodied) and Atma, the "Ray" of the universal spirit,
that is resident within.

Also we ought to recall that in The SECRET DOCTRINE Vol. I p.
289: "There is not one finger's breadth (angula) of void space
in the whole Boundless Universe..."

These entities are also called "Monads" in The SECRET DOCTRINE --
and every Monad is the embodiment, in the evolutionary scheme, of
the indissoluble unity of the two poles of SPIRIT and MATTER. It
is a symbol of their omnipresence. From this alone, the concept
of the TWO PATHS and the TWO DOCTRINES arises.

On p. 30 we find: "Great Sifter" is the name of the "Heart
Doctrine," O Disciple...True knowledge is the flour, false
learning is the husk....

Proceeding to p. 31 we note:

"The Dharma [duty] of the "Eye" is the embodiment of the external
and the non-existent.

"The Dharma of the "Heart" is the embodiment of Bodhi, the
Permanent and Ever-lasting."

If we desire to know the end, the goal of such a search, then on
p. 34 we may read:

"Have patience, Candidate, as one who fears no failure, courts no
success. Fix thy Soul's gaze upon the star whose ray thou art,
the flaming star that shines within the lightless depths of
ever-being, the boundless fields of the Unknown.

"Have perseverance as one who doth for evermore endure. Thy
shadows [personalities] live and vanish; that with in thee shall
live for ever, that which in thee knows, for it is knowledge, is
not of fleeting life; it is the man that was, that is, and will
be, for whom the hour shall never strike."

The rest of the Fragment II continues explaining the advances,
the disciplines and the progress that the devotee who is
purifying and creating his own spiritual instrument may expect to

On page 41 we find: "Be humble if thou would'st attain to
Wisdom. Be humbler still, when Wisdom thou hast mastered. ....
Restrain by the Divine thy lower Self. Restrain by the Eternal
the Divine.

I hope this will give a taste of some of the wise content of the
VOICE OF THE SILENCE -- it is a most valuable book for those who
aspire to become spiritually wise.

Best wishes,



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Which "Heart Doctrine teachings in the Voice of the Silence" ?


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