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Re: Theos-World Leon Maurer's Ether and Yaqui Indian sorcerers.

Mar 02, 2002 01:42 AM
by leonmaurer

Ha, Ha... I'll bet you had fun exposing that Shaman and supposed fakir. But 
I guess, as a skeptic, your cold and jet lag wasn't cured by his simple 
"placebo" trick -- to give your inner "mind healer" a positive image to work 
on in order to wake up your antibodies and endorphins. I hope you didn't 
suffer too long. :-)

There's a good lesson there -- that could tell us why all wise shamanistic 
(or yogic) healers have to use fakery (or as HPB called it, "glamour") to 
induce the healing effect they need in the minds of those wanting to believe 
or other suggestive personalities. Sometimes even hallucinative drugs and 
suggested mystical experiences, besides healing, can also help wake up a 
student's mind to the inner field nature of both themselves and the universe. 
Every Shaman or Yogi knows that there's no such thing as "supernatural" 
manifestations. But, they can't tell anyone that, if they want to keep and 
get more patients, can they? (Isn't it also nice that Blavatsky later 
realized she wasn't a healer, or no longer a TS recruiter, and could tell us 
that all her earlier "magic" was really "glamour"?:-) So, if you don't mind 
my observing –- all your "exposure" of her fakery and even her other 
peccadilloes, and the negative innuendoes about her teachings they imply, is 
really old hat, and the raking up of dead leaves, that sounds more like 
malicious "gossip" than history.  

In case you didn't know, the primary job of a Shaman in primitive societies 
that have no organized "medical science" -- is to heal -- using both herbal 
as well as psychic means, no matter what kind of trickery or bizarre 
psychoactive drug it takes, so long as the desired curative results are 
achieved. And, among their believers, it usually works. It's too bad that 
skeptical western medicine doesn't know why, and how to use these same tricks 
-- instead of pumping us full of synthetic chemical drugs that act as non 
curative palliatives, and add additional "side effect" diseases that require 
more such harmful drugs, etc.  

I hate to disappoint you, but even though I am a Shaman myself -- (being 
initiated and named "Lone Eagle" by my father, who was an Honorary Grand 
Chief of the Sha-Wa-Naga nation as well as a Hermeticist and alchemist in the 
school of Dr. Paracelsus) -- I don't practice "channeling," or playing with 
Ouija boards to "perceive" other Shamans. (All I need are my eyes, ears, 
brain and mind, like everyone else.) Nor, does my "metaphysical Science" (I 
presume you mean ABC) help in any way to "perceive" anything -- except the tr
uth about how the universe involves and evolves, and how it actually works 
within us, and allows us to "perceive" objects, sounds and other sensations 
through our "physical" (and "astral") sense mechanisms, linked 
coenergetically to our brain, mind, and memory fields.

Actually, the Native American Indian Shaman I met many years ago (named, 
"Crazy Eagle") -- who also confirmed the existence of a relative of his in 
Mexico who taught Castenades (and gave him background for his novels) -- 
showed me no "magic" tricks, but did confirm that their teachings of the twin 
worlds, "nagual" and "tonal" (or astral and physical, aura and body) was 
quite similar to those of Blavatsky, as well as Hermes Trismagistus and 
Paracelsus. He also helped me align my ABC theory of coenergetic fields with 
these concepts, since he had a good understanding of how information is 
transferred between different fields of reality. Although totally uneducated 
in the Western manner, he made an enlightening analogy when he said that "the 
air talks to the water through the waves like the way the 'nagual' talks to 
the 'tonal'." 

So, I gave the Shaman, "Don Juan" (fictional name or not :-) the credit for 
helping me see how the brain field talks to the mind field through a process 
(in a nutshell) of resonant transfer of modulated holographic interference 
patterns of vibrational lines of force (or coded informational "images") -- 
from one field to another of different frequency (or energy) phase order -- 
and mediated on the highest frequency levels (in the case of vision) by a 
physical lasing crystalline form of a certain configuration (which all us 
Shamans, including HPB, know all about.:-).  

I hope this answers your snide innuendoes disguised as questions.:-)


In a message dated 03/01/02 2:45:57 AM, writes:

>Reg. Yaqui Indians. Leon: "one of whom I have known"
>Do you mean you where also able to perceive him three dimensionally 
>or via your "methaphysical Science" only, like channeling or playing
>with the quia-board ?
>If the first I also met one (honest), in fact since I was 
>jet-lagged plus somehow had catched a cold on top of that he (a very 
>honored shaman) did a (free, no charge, even I was told afterwards by 
>his assistant that in other cases he would ask one tausend USD for the
>same service). 
>The way he did it was he took his shamanic feather, and from some 
>distance of my body he made a swift upward swing from the waste up 
>to the head, maybe a clear air sucking on his feather root motion.
>And with a gesture of "voila" he pulled out a black stone out of his
>mouth my cold and jet lag allegedly extracted from my body and 
>materialised in this stone that had ended up via his sucking though his
>feather into his mouth.
>Lucky he didn't ask me for tausend Dollar though, because i right
>away recognized it as the type of stones of which there where hundreds
>laying around the dome house. In fact when I asked him to be able to 
>hold the stone which he reluctantly granted me, and walked briefly 
>outside to place it next to a few same black stones of similar size on
>ground there, and he simple smiled at me with a twinkle in his eye. So
>smiled back because I knew this trick already.
>After all I already read about Blavatsky's "materializations 
>that time to.
> Bri.

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