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Re: Theos-World Re: just another genuine approach

Mar 01, 2002 08:29 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 03/01/02 1:21:53 AM, writes:

>Which "Heart Doctrine teachings in the Voice of the Silence" ?
> Bri.

All those that lead to a better understanding of the higher nature with 
relation to the lower nature, and the unity of all life -- with an emphasis 
on compassion and brotherhood as a way to avoid bad karma and continued 
suffering. (But, then, that depends on what one considers as "enlightenment" 
-- as a so called "enlightened" Adept of the "left hand path" could very well 
decide to ignore these teachings.) I suggested them, however, as a help 
toward Self realization -- since I can only speak from a "theosophist's" 
point of view for what I believe to be the preferred path of the Bodhisattva. 

>--- In theos-talk@y..., leonmaurer@a... wrote:
>> In a message dated 02/26/02 1:33:24 AM, stevestubbs@y... writes:
>> >The study of Theosophy is certainly worthwhile, but
>> >does not lead to enlightenment nor to chelaship if it
>> >is unaccompanied by something else.
>> >
>> And, that "something else" might be, as HPB suggested, "Self devised
>and self 
>> determined study and effort"... That can bring one, through meditative
>> "thought" alone, into contact with one's inner Master. The only 
>outside guru 
>> needed (not necssarily alive) might be someone who can guide and 
>> the method by which one approaches and practices this meditation. 
>> the study and practice of the Rajah Yoga teachings of the Master 
>> coupled with the Heart Doctrine teachings in the Voice of the Silence,
>> with a thorough knowledge of the metaphysics as taught in the SD, 
>> certainly be enough to supply this meditative method, as well as lead
>> "enlightenment" (or "Self realization) -- in addition to "chelaship"
>> highest Master of all -- who can be contacted, directly, within us all.
>> (Isn't that not too far off from how some of us think Moses became 
>> "enlightened" and spoke to God in the light of the burning [soma?] 
>bush whose 
>> fumes he might [or might not] have been inhaling? :-)
>> LHM

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