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Re: Theos-World Atma is Maya

Feb 28, 2002 06:16 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 02/26/02 1:21:56 PM, writes:

><<<What Zen teaches is that the Truth is not phenomenal, so that any 
>represented to consciousness in phenomenal terms is by definition illusory.
> This makes perfect sense in terms of Kant's philosophy, which is the basis
>of much of the SD.>>>
>Steve, interesting point, and exactly why one has to conclude that atma
>(which is phenomenally experienced) is maya.
>Jerry S.

Since when can Atma -- which can only be experienced entirely subjectively 
through the mind alone -- be "phenomenally experienced"? 

Phenomenal can only be ascribed to something that can only be *objectively* 
experienced, or observed and measured through the physical senses. Since 
Atma cannot be so described, it cannot be phenomenal in the accepted 
philosophical sense. 
And. therefore, must be as eternal as theosophical fundamental principles 
imply it is... As a direct emanation of the primal source, or Parabrahm that 
must always remain unchanged and undiminished throughout all eternity's. 
Thus, Atma cannot be Maya (in the sense of being an impermanent illusion).

Although, as an individualized ray of Atma or "Spirit (consciousness) 
expressed in man," it may be considered by some superficial thinkers as being 
impermanent -- due to the possibility of it being withdrawn back into the 
universal Supreme Spirit when all its individual karma has been mitigated 
and/or transcended. Nevertheless, even when so withdrawn, it still remains 
existent in eternal Parabrahm... And, thus, is not illusory or subject to 
Maya -- (whom an East Indian Guru once told his chelas was "the sister of 
Karma" and that Atma was "their father." :-) 

Therefore, while the "soul," or separate "self" identity may be Maya, and 
temporary, the individual spirit or higher "Self," as Atma, remains eternally 

Incidentally, this reference to the distinction between lower and higher self 
is all that Buddha could have meant by his doctrine of "Anatma." 


Ref: the dictionary definition of; 
A. phe.nom.e.nal - adj. Known or derived through the senses rather than 
through the mind. 
B. - n. An occurrence, a circumstance, or a fact that is 
perceptible by the senses.

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