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Re: Theos-World just another genuine approach

Feb 28, 2002 03:24 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 02/26/02 1:33:24 AM, writes:

>The study of Theosophy is certainly worthwhile, but
>does not lead to enlightenment nor to chelaship if it
>is unaccompanied by something else.
And, that "something else" might be, as HPB suggested, "Self devised and self 
determined study and effort"... That can bring one, through meditative 
"thought" alone, into contact with one's inner Master. The only outside guru 
needed (not necssarily alive) might be someone who can guide and facilitate 
the method by which one approaches and practices this meditation. Therefore, 
the study and practice of the Rajah Yoga teachings of the Master Patanjali 
coupled with the Heart Doctrine teachings in the Voice of the Silence, along 
with a thorough knowledge of the metaphysics as taught in the SD, could 
certainly be enough to supply this meditative method, as well as lead to 
"enlightenment" (or "Self realization) -- in addition to "chelaship" to the 
highest Master of all -- who can be contacted, directly, within us all. 
(Isn't that not too far off from how some of us think Moses became 
"enlightened" and spoke to God in the light of the burning [soma?] bush whose 
fumes he might [or might not] have been inhaling? :-)


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